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Failure for SC 2 to Start

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It solved a few problems for other programs for me. Since they were having problems with .net 3.0

There are many more things to tweak about vista. Just google a bit on Vista tweaks.

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Hey Hubert, I did some experimenting:

The lag is gone or greatly reduced over the oceans, like the Atlantic. As I scroll from the Atlantic to Europe (East), the speed progressively slows down as more land/units come into view.

CPU shows 26% usage and the RAM is at 65%.

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Well I disabled every useless Vista program/feature I could find and it plays a LITTLE better, but not much.

Then the sound driver mysteriously disapears off of the computer and I have to reinstall it.

And I'll bet the computer's power is being used to verify 30 times a second that it isn't being used for DVD piracy (I'm not kidding either).

Microsoft will collapse someday from its own incompetence.

Edit to add:

And now Internet Explorer isn't working properly. I am THIS close to returning this thing and finding a used computer with XP.

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