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Bug? Rockets

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I have not tested this, not in the testing mood for SC2 - sorry.

In SC1 Rockets did not get the benift of exp bars in terms of defence. It was felt that this made them super weapons since there happened to be a set value for soft attack that never changed.

Is this true in SC2? Does the bars of xp on rockets add to both that attack value and defence value? Or only one?

If only one, I suggest making a change to both! Rocket in the right place are very usefull, with the ability to upgrade soft attack on several units the rockets shouldnt become superweapons (unlees poor play by the other side). With the bars of xp adding SOME defence perhaps we will see more IG.

Side note, if the above is too much perhaps incressing the starting range to 2 would work well. Dont change the attack values (IE worth less as the range goes out so a L0 rocket attack at range 2 = 0 attack value).

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