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Where is SC - Not an app, but a process!

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Sorry it took me so long to get back - I had a video driver update go wrong! It's hard to fix when you can't see the screen!!!

Anway, i'm running XP home and I've got SC with the update to 1.07.

Now, I HAVE already removed and reinstalled SC. Since this last post, I've run 2 different virus softwares, registry mechanic, and pest patrol (just to be sure!!!). My computer is squeaky clean, and I JUST retried SC this morning, and it's the same deal. Double click, the hardrive gets really busy, but it only shows up as a process.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advancE!

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Unfortunately it's difficult for me to say since I cannot see it first hand and I've never really heard of this type of problem before. Do you have any problems with other games/applications?

If you reinstall I would also try (if you haven't done so already) uninstalling first as well as deleting the entire installation folder directory/contents before reinstalling. You could also try running with 'directx = 0' in the SC.ini file.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for trying to help. Last night I:

1. Changed the .ini file. IMPROVEMENT!- when I ran SC.exe, the screen went black... and then did the same thing it's always done. It's listed as a process, it's taking up memory and cpu power, but it's just not showing anything.

2. I uninstalled and reinstalled (again). Nothing. nada. same old, same old.

You have NO idea how much this was my favorite game until I suddenly couldn't play it anymore!! smile.gif


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Sorry to hear about the troubles...

I can't say for sure (as I have yet to see it) but I believe there was a problem with the old save/pbem directories, when you uninstalled did you delete all these directories/files before reinstalling/applying the latest patch?

Another option would be to install to a different directory to see if that helps.


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If I were you I'd be tempted to find a cheap HardDrive at a Flea market or Used Parts store, install 98 on it and run it seperately through the BIOS as a second OS and HD on the same computer. Sounds like a big hassle but in the end you'll likely pull less hair out then trying to figure out why your XP is giving you a headache. Could be Video, Sound, or another Driver conflict that is just super special, could be something very simple.

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