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"right click" problem

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When playing the demo on my other computer I have no problems giving units replacements. But having just purchased the full game and put it on my newer computer, I can not do the right click options to either rename units or access a pulldown menu to rebuild damaged units. (that are in full supply, have not done anything, and I have not yet spent any points on anything.) Whenever I right click, it is as if I unclicked from the unit. I left click to access and right click to get the opposite effect and do not see any hotkeys to duplicate these options.

So maybe in another patch these things could be given hot key options.

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As I said on my original post, the demo was installed on one machine and the purchased game on a newer machine. And the purchased version has the latest patch off this site as of 3 days ago.

When you click on a unit it highlights all the hexes it can move into. When you right click you are supposed to get a pulldown menu with options to add replacements, do operational movement, change a units name, etc. But when I do that it bumps me out of that unit and I don't know how else to access the pulldown menu to do any of those functions. I tried with/without caps lock, numlock, etc and no luck... BvB

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