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Panzer General and SC


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I just got this game out of a batch of games I was selling E-bay. I never tried Panzer General before because I'd gotten away from the purer Wargames earlier and leaned more towards the strategic ones.

Wow! Even the the date, worked on my XP and the interface was really really kewl. My mouse however moved slowly. Could you imagine some of the mixtures of Panzer General and Strategic Command? If you did that what you could come up with? Would be kick ass!

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It should be noted, but discreetly ie I won't mention where, but those games ie the Panzer General series, can be freely downloaded from more than a few well know locations.

Although, if you want to do the noble thing, I would offer CDAccess.com as a reasonable source.


And they sell original article in most cases. And I have bought from them before, so I will endorse them.

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Hi All

Panzer General is also played at


It's a German site but it will get an international (English) section soon (hopefully).

Panzer General Western Assault and Scortched Earth are not Win 2000 and XP compatible (German version for sure but likely also the English).

You will have to do some research in forums to find a setting that will alow the game to run under XP.

I use XP Professional and it is only now that I have installed an old driver for my graphic card that both games works under XP. (I use the 28.32 diver for my GeForce).


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Panzergeneral 1 was a Multiplayer game many years ago where one could play via the platform Multplayer.com...unfortunately this platform merged with Arcade games and panzergeneral vanished from the list of games played there.

There was lot of fun to play 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 even up to 12 players could play simultanously...and imagine it was working!!!!

There was a ladder too and i remember playing ag alot american guys.

Panzergeneral 1 was the first great strategy game after HISTORY LINE 1914-18 which was one of the first and best strategy games to this time.

I played these games hundrets of hours and this is maybe a reason that i m a very good player for strategy related games. :D

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