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  1. The C.M. franchise is really cool, and the game has evolved...and SC1 & 2, and variations of them may well be here, but SC3 ain't going to be.
  2. Thanks for the link gnarly. @BLSTK, I wish I was all seeing... What worries me though is when I first joined here, I purchased SC1, Combat Mission and Tacops, 10+ years later....(still playing tacops!) but Is Battlefront now putting all the eggs into the CM basket? I hope it doesn't become a one trick pony.
  3. Hi All. It's been ages since I dropped out from here, (ever since sC2 went iso). just wondering Matrix has a coming soon and in development section to get a buzz happening... What is the buzz for new titles here?
  4. You'd need to lose the angled shadow to achieve a flatter look. Also the unit counter should be slightly lower to allow the number to be on the counter rather than half off. Nice colour combinations. very clear. not sure about the ships overhanging the counters, looks a bit like a compromise between counters and pics. -my 2 cents
  5. Major, One reason why this game may not have seen too many user created scenarios may be due to the already excellent standard scenarios. I have enjoyed the wide variety of that shipped with the CD. ...given you are now answering forum threads, I can only assume your holidays are over, and that work on V.5 has resumed @P.Nelson, currently getting into CEAW, but once that wears off, I'll get back into Tacops. It is the one game I always end up returning to, as it seems to present a great solo challenge.
  6. Welcome aboard Paul, I have not found any ANZAC specific scenarios as standard, but it is quite easy to interchange existing scenarios with aus units. -another Aus. player is most welcome; including you, that makes 3 that I know of. (it makes network games a little more possible when you're in the same timezone) regards -Smith (Melbourne)
  7. @ Marcus; Unit Mod ready for game that can not be named. Mail me at olddotmagie@gmaildotcom
  8. Thin Red Line Letters from Iwo Jima All quiet on the Western Front (WWI) Reach for the Sky-Douglas Bader BioPic The Dambusters
  9. Thanks Marcus, I'm waiting for the 1st CEAW patch before I mod the counters. There is also some issues with alpha map masks etc. that complicate the process, but I couldn't agree more, they are rather simplistic. Have you downloaded the 'old style' map for CEAW? absolutely brilliant. (what kills the game for me at the moment is the 1024x768 resolution; a little fuzzy). aside from that, fun to play. The MWIF counters look awesome, (I'm not so convinced about Advanced Tactics however, not enough info on the counter, but made up for by the info bar.) The best unit counters on any game I ha
  10. Marcus, perhaps you speak of mine, that Iuploaded at the cmmods site. (the nato symbols with Italy yellow etc.) Once the expansion pack is released, I'll probably update accordingly. (that is if I'm not playing CEAW, mWIF or Advanced Tactics too much)
  11. Great thread people. What's going to happen when Victor releases Advanced Tactics? The game has hexes :eek: The screenshots at matrix look :cool: Could this become a never ending thread of threatened 'Fanboys' endlessly bemoaning about competition. ...try remembering back about 5-10 years ago, and think about how few decent wargames were even available, and rejoice in having CHOICES.
  12. Thanks Moonslayer, The sound bites are terrific. I look forward to seeing how this scenario plays out.
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