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Summer heat tourney predictions


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Group A

Strongest group. All comes down to Dragonhearts current form. Im guessing it aint the best but will still be enough to take the number 2 spot behind Zapp. He might even win the group if he is in good shape. Avatar will be deadly as allies and could surprise Dragon or Zapp, Liam is a threat as well. Behind those four Dalmatia will get spot number 5 unless Avatar give up games if he can't reach the semis.

If Liam joins the last spot he might get as far up as second place, but if Terif joins, he and Zapp will go through.

Kuniworth predicts;

1. Zappsweden

2. Dragonheart

3. Avatar

4. Liam

5. Dalmatia

6. Lucky beaver

Group B

A tough group. I think Hellraiser will be second and Rambo win. Codename condor should be battling for the first spot but is rusty and won't be a threat until he played some games, the one of Rambo or Hellraiser he fight first will have an advantage on qualifying to the next round.

Rannug is a dark horse with potential, maybe Condors third spot will be threatend. Kuniworth is too inexperienced to be battling for the first spots it will be a real surprise if he goes through.

1. Rambo

2. Hellraiser

3. Codename Condor

4. Rannug

5. Kuniworth

6. Comrade Trapp


Zapp vs Hellraiser

Hellraiser is a really good player but Zapp is better. Zapp will go through.

Dragonheart vs Rambo

If Dragonheart reaches the semifinals he will be tough to beat. My guess is he wins in three games.


Dragonheart vs Zapp

Dragonheart wins two straight games.

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LOL you will have some enemies more with this prediction. ;)

The only one knowing about my current form is Hellraiser.

IMO Group A can run each way as only a single game is played ag each player..back luck, bad rolls, or a mistake and you are dust. :D

The same applies for Group B.

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and I am on a very bad tech/rolls streak - zapp and DH can confirm that :(

Can I get at least decent rolls/techs for this tourney please ? At least to have one serious game in which I don't have to wait till 42-43 to get the first jet tech (obviously researching with 5 chits) while the opposition has at least jets 3 ??? :D:D:D

I think I will invest all in IT ... if I can't get quality, at least I should get quantity smile.gif

Good luck to all of the participants!!!

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