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Hellraiser vs Rambo [tied 1-1]

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@Korbutt --- No cursing God in my thread! Now get out with your bad spirit!

Back to the game...

Game #3 (Rambo Axis 220)

France was about even, got it late June, lost 1-Armor & 1-Army, maybe a couple of corps. Was able to kill 2-UK armies & Canadian Army.

Mid-game, lots of action around Bergen, major battle to be exact. I lost a couple of LF, but UK too its share of damage. As usual HR had tech advantage on Jets +1.

I avoided taking VF & Spain to delay Barby & Allied entrance until Jan. 1942.

After Barby...

Lots of action. Axis got Greece, Spain (with 2-Italian tanks, 2-Armies), Portugal, Iraq, Swiss. Russia rocked Finland & are defending Riga/Dneiper Line.

US just took Brest, this game is full course for 20 hours.

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