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Time for a break?

Comrade Trapp

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Originally posted by JerseyJohn:

Konstantin !!

We were sending out search parties and they all said you were reassigned to Siberia -- Very happy they were wrong!

I've been around lurking in the silence, just mainly looking to see what's going down. Never really had anything to add either.

SC is something I might touch once or twice every so often, but alas, I too wait for the sequel.

We did do one of our patented hotseat games a couple weeks ago. Until the rum took it's toll on the Allies and they were unable to continue. The russian player kept buying units for Britian, it was the rum.

Granted, Battlefront should get the rights to TSR/SPI's WWII ETO game, or someone should make a computer version of it. It would rock.

I did get an email a while ago for the alternate reality site. Just haven't gotten over there yet to check it out. Been busy with other WWII related stuff, research and such. Also started a college class in Russian Language. Been enjoying that. :D

I'll try to get over and check out the other message board.

Later comrade.

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PLease, she's got entirely too many arms and legs to get into my family reunion.. or too few. I come from a family of farmers or firemen. Perfect example of such, one of my uncles was out cutting wood the other day, a tree got loose and hit him, knocked out 8 teeth. He decided it would take to long to walk the 4 miles out of the bush and go into town to get his mouth looked at( he would never get all the wood he needed reading magazines in Emergency) so he just stayed out and kept cutting wood, looking out for those damned aggressive trees. We might be cute( cute in the " japanese tourist after being eaten by a bear cute) in my family ( cute enough anyways, Zapp blew his load scratching at the backdoor waiting for my mom, it must be sad to have to pay, and never even get your pants down)but we won't take home any prizes for being smart.

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An example of smart in my family; My brother was stationed in Yugoslavia, playing UN doorman. The word around camp was that the gates closed at 9pm come hell or high water. He got back late one night ( so many desparate women, soo few Driscoll men to service them all) and decided that instead of chancing getting caught and in trouble ( he was in a combat zone and worried about getting restricted to barracks. He was always a little too squeaky clean for my liking) so he climbed an 8 foot barbed wire fence to get back in.

After he got in trouble for being late, he got into for climbing the security fence and then he had to show them how he got in ( they were worried about the evil Serbs that month.

Supposedly, if you believe the Driscoll Propaganda machine, there 110,000 Driscoll men out there, if you see the family dog walking funny, you know why now.

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Let's see, I was threatened with being banned, in connection with a post that had a link about a wargame that was grand strategy in nature.

Even though there is no direct mention in the rules, that this is specifically not allowed. Just some vague comment about off topic comments.

Rules as follows

We would like to remind everybody that this forum is for discussion about game-related issues only, for forum regulars as well as for new players. As much as we like to see a community around the game, personal messages have no place here, as do any off-topic posts. As a reminder to everybody:

- game related posts, questions and discussions, AARs and, if you want, league standings belong here. Discussion about WWII strategic and/or historical topics are allowed, as long as they relate to the game somehow.

- game challenges (general or to individuals) belong in the Opponent finder forum

- support and tech questions belong in the SC Tech support forum

- everything else goes into the General Forum or doesn't belong here at all; if you need to exchange private messages, use email, ICQ or what not.

- posting pictures is tolerated as long as it's on topic and within limits

- posting profanity will result in an immediate ban

For the time being, the admins will enforce the forum rules strictly. Anybody not conforming to those rules will be banned without warning. Email one of the moderators if you are not sure about posting certain content. This forum is a place for *everybody* to exchange their thoughts and opinions about the game, and this set of simple rules are in place to ensure that the general atmosphere here allows old and new members to do this in a mature, friendly and comfortable surrounding.


I draw attention to these specific lines in the rules.

"personal messages have no place here"

I think that sums up everything that ErrantRecce1 has posted thus far.

When is he too going to be threatened with being banned?

I'm serious.

"Discussion about WWII strategic and/or historical topics are allowed, as long as they relate to the game somehow."

Personally, I think discussing games of a similar design show a great deal more adherence to the rules and the spirit of the rules than does the stupid rantings of ErrantRecce1 who I don't mind saying deserves to be told to get lost and take his rants to General Discussions where he will get to feel right at home. They eat trolls out there.

I would not have said anything, and frankly Moon can ban me after this post and keep mr ErrantRecce1 if it pleases him, but frankly, I am in no way impressed, that I can get given the level of nasty response I was given, and yet the current crop of posts garnishes not a single bit of response.

This thread should never have made it to the second page.

Sorry Comrade Trapp, I am fully sure you know that is not aimed at you. You started the thread, but it was not entirely you that brought it to where it is.

And it is the failure of unbiased moderating in SC Forum that this thread is still going.

The rules are clearly wasting space on the top of the page. They mean nothing apparently.

There I have challenged the authorities, I expectI will be slapped around next, maybe even banned.

At least I am not insulting persons mothers and casting about various slurs.

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But by the same token, and certain other " senior forum members" have abused the rules far more gravely ( although with a lot less style) than me. They have also not been brought before the powers that be. So life is rough all over Les. I am small fry, just as Comrade Nipplit. The real problem here, those heartless "senior types" who would willingly flaunt the vaunted hall of the SC forum.

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Don't worry, I know that wasn't aimed at me. And while I believe what I said in my original post needed to be said, I think your right when you said this thread shouldn't have made it to page two. Or at least for the reasons it did.

In defence of Battlefront, I do think they are running things a lot better than they were, although I think all of us need to work to get this forum back on-topic. All off-topic things like the Zapp Leno's Tonight Show should be posted at Strategic Command HQ and leave this place for the strictly on-topic discussions.


The following is from Battlefront's Terms of Use:

6. Members agree, through use of this service, that this BBS will not be used to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. Members agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by self, Battlefront.com, or its agents.
I believe your in violation of section 6 of Battlefront's TOU. I didn't see anything in the TOU that suggests I'm in violation.

I have tried for ignore your remarks for the most part and I will continue to do so, but you just keep at it with your smartass remarks. This will be the last post I make in responce to you, your not worth my time.

Comrade Trapp

[ November 19, 2003, 06:24 PM: Message edited by: Comrade Trapp ]

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Les -- Giver of Laws!

This is a Great Thread and it has plenty to do with both WW II in Europe and SC and Battle Front, but don't take my word for it, ask Errant.


You're chopping your statements into two or three posts each, which is a violation of the multi-post Rule 6-AB-88526-C, check your BF members manual and you'll see I'm right; hell, some of us would have 10,000 posts by now if we partook of such abuses!

You want an award for having that scene crush itself in a gravitational warp, killing everyone who would have been marching in my parade? I think not sir!


We'd really like to have you posting at the other forum as well, we've even erected a statue of Uncle Joe in the men's room! Actually, it was left over from the Kruschev days, it's got a few hammer dents and punctures on the face but other than that it's aged very well.

Unfortunately you've already missed the best thread the alternate sight ever made -- it happened during the first day but I can't say what it is as some of it is, well, sensititve.


Is poor Errant getting under your skin again? I know, I found the story about that poor guy knocking his own teeth out and not going to the dentist to be unsettling as well, and yes, I've done it to myself! But still, if we just stopped picking on him ...

All right, I'm asking for too much, I know. Anyway, it's just a thought and you have to realize he's a member now, even if he did get there by putting posts in the wrong thread and saying "Ooooops!" and by chopping essentially miniature thoughts into multiple microscopic posts.

So, let's be charitable to the lad. Aside from which I'm in mourning for those poor bastards who were crushed following his lead trying to take part in my tragic parade.


Great Photo and definitely in the spirit of things.

As for our friend Kuniworth, we may not have him here, but we've certainly got him there! And how much of "I'm Number One!" are we supposed to put up with? I mean, I like the guy, but the truth is I come here to get away from him! :D

[ November 19, 2003, 10:24 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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As usual Jersey, you put it all into perspective for me. I guess that is why I am the newb, and you are not. So far as my multi posting.. When I post something, it is a complete thought ( too much aluminum in my diet maybe) I do the multi posts because as I finish one thought, a whole new one pops into my head.. some kinda freaky science thing, I think. I shall definitely endeavour to condense all my many thoughts each day into one monster sized wallop. I would have thought that have multi mini thoughts would have been easy to swallow than one Les sized post each day.. that is just me.. the troll.. and you should stop picking on those poor guys in the picture, they all were there for you, you know.

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"Les sized post each day.. that is just me.. the troll.. and you should stop picking on those poor guys in the picture, they all were there for you, you know."


As Al Jolsen used to say, "You ain't seen nothin yet!" as far as monster posts go -- we have a guy named Wolfe who made a few that had to be 20,000 words each!

But "Les sized post ..." I like that, it has a nice ring to it.

I'm not picking on those guys, I'm honoring their memory! And I'm here for them as well, I'd love to see what they look like if that gravity trap ever opens up. :eek:

How can you say I'm not a nooobie? Of course I am, just a long term one, that's all.

You've never been exposed to our Swedish friend Kuniworth, banned on fifty planets. He's been asking us to recruit you, God only knows how he finds out what goes on here, but he does. So, if you want to meet this member of your fan club and aggravate this thread's oldsters at a different location, click onto the path at the bottom of my post and enter the General Forum, he's already got a Thread dedicated to you. :D

[ November 19, 2003, 11:17 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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