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Time for a break?

Comrade Trapp

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This is directed at the veteran members of this forum.

I think its time for everyone to take a step back and take a break from SC for a week or two. Do you really think we would be going at each other's throats like this if we had a chance to think about what we say before we say it? In the year I have been a member of this forum, this is by far the worst I've ever seen it. Before, if one person got out of line, the others would keep him in check to some extent. But now it seems like all the veteran members have been split down the middle over this thing and we're dragging this forum down with us.

Lets just put this damn thing behind us before one of us gets banned. Something Moon has every right to do at this point. Believe it or not, I think he has done a pretty good job at restraining himself. For once it seems we're being given a chance to sort something out by ourselves and all we're doing is proving that we need to be treated like children.

I'm not taking sides in this little dispute between Zapp and Terif because at this point I don't care. I really can't bring myself to blame just them when a lot of us have done nothing but add fuel to the fire. But really, I think its time for us to get over it. Besides, we're setting a bad example for the newbies.

I think if we give it a couple weeks that things will start to go back to normal. I think after a small break, the competition will comeback and the discussions about SC and SC2 will return. Just give it a chance.

Comrade Trapp

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Comrade is Right.

When I came here a little over a year ago this Forum was full of arguments and controversy and padlocks, but it was fun and none of it was personal, except for EB and dgaad, who were locked in some sort of symbiotic ongoing conflict; interestingly, the vanished together, I suspect the main joy was in fighting one another and not in having constructive posts.

What we have now is lunacy. A couple of weeks break by the people who are angry at one another would benefit everyone.

Also, it would clear the page one wreckage so more constructive voices, like EdwinP, can start new game idea Threads. A lot of newer guys seem on the verge of saying things but are being turned away by all the antagonisms, none of which has anything to do with any of them.

Terif and Zappsweden, you guys should be too big for these running feuds. I've had my share of run-ins, we all have, and there are plenty of people both here and at the General Forum who dislike me (yes, it sounds inconveivable, some people just don't care for us saintly types :rolleyes: ), but we've always made a clean break of things. Which is what I think you two need to do; if you can't resolve your differences then the next best thing is to end the antagonism and ignore each other.

I'm sure in the long run you'll both reconcile, better sooner than later.

[ November 17, 2003, 04:05 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Originally posted by Liam:

The game needs either a patch or a new release... You can only run some long on an empty tank of Inspiration

Hence the need for a break..all games start to wear thin, it's just the way the cycle of gaming is... but once Hubert has the ability to announce what SC2 entails, and a new SC2 forum emerges, we'll all be going at it again with much fervor....
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Everybody thought the war was over, until Terif started with the cheapshots on Zapp & myself.

1) Zapp & Rambo play a game

2) a defect breaks out

3) Zapp proclaims the bug

4) Terif starts personal attacks

Rambo >>>>>>>>>> That simple

[ November 17, 2003, 09:49 PM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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As someone who has lurked through all the the Zapp and Terif baiting and biting; I must say that in my limited comprehension, Zappsweden is WAY off the deep end. WAY off. Terif is most likely just enjoying baiting the crazy Euro, and with Zappsweden being that far from reality, who wouldn't enjoy rattling his cage to hear him go off about the 'bugs' and 'those damned ungrateful Zleaguers who don't just eat up Zappreality like it's cream and strawberries'. This is really amusing from a "look at the poor japanese tourists ripped apart from their first meeting with a Canadian Logging truck" kinda way. I think if we all grab on the big old Clue grippy thing and hold on tight, we'll make it through.

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1) Learn to play the game before you learn to SMACK! You have 14 posts so far, most of them Rubbish, rest of them smack. tongue.gif

2) Tell your mom I said hello... ;):D

3) Were you the guy that insinuated that Americans are stupid???

oops, found one of your replies:

ErrantRecce1 wrote this in another topic:

"Smart and American are not concepts that are naturally comfortable too close together. Not that it doesn't happen, it just doesn't happen often enough."

also, see here


Nuff Said.

[ November 18, 2003, 05:38 PM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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As someone who has lurked through all the the Zapp and Terif baiting and biting;
You have only been here since August 27, 2003, therefore you have no clue of what is going on here. This is between Zapp, Terif, and every other veteran member that has been sucked into it. This has nothing to do with you, so please, stay out of it.

I know I sound like an asshole, I'm not trying to talk down to you here. But some of you newer guys need to learn not to get involved in issues that are personal between veteran members.

Comrade Trapp

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Zapp, don't let people get underneath your skin. That's what they like to do. Some people are like Scabies ;) <I know I'm one of those need to go to Anger Management People, who won't go> tongue.gif


So long as you follow the ethical code of dos and donts I am up for whatever ;)

Game is game, War is War and we all know War is Hell <has no rules> Kinda like love.

I'm shocked all this banter doesn't attract more competition :(

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Trapp, thanks for making me soo aware of when I joined.. I was really, really worried about what happened to those Months. And just like the everyone else here, I have most of my fingers and toes and a job that allows me endless hours to browse the archives too, so ... SHOCKINGLY.. I have a fair grip on the Zapp and Terif traveling bear show.. If they want to air their laundry by the road side, expect that people ( like me) are going to take the time to point and laugh. Cope. or in other words, "here's your helmet kid, get back on the ice."

So far as it goes Zapp, I may look like an american, I may live near americans, I may have even eaten an american or two.. But I'm not an american. So you come off looking.... well let's not say how you come off looking. It'll save you weeks of therapy that way. You're welcome.

Oh yeah, my mom says that if you are going to be that fast next time, bring some friends, she was really at a loss of what to do for the last 59 minutes, when you pay for an hour, try to use the whole hour next time Zapp. It just makes sense.

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Liam, I think it is more a matter of 'idle hands....' really, when the league (s) were going strong, everyone was probably busy playing, not loafing around. Before everyone came to the forum to discuss strategies and game stuff. Without something to distract them, the proletariat is always willing to turn on itself.

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Hey I just made my 20th ( now 21st) post!! Am I still a newbie? I think I should be promoted. I want to be ' grog, assistant to the assistant sword carrier', or something else clever like that. You'd all help me with a clever name, right guys? :D v I'm kinda partial Grand Weasel of the Third Order of Glower. Who do I see to get that on my locker?

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Everything gets old eventually, no joke can be retold to the same audience endlessly and remain funny.

And THAT is the essence of our problem here.

I ditched General Discussions for exactly that reasoning. I have seen a couple of threads that looked interesting, but nope it is in THAT forum.

And I don't care to hang around with guys to busy spewing hate.

Usually, if I think the topic or material is sufficiently interesting elewhere, I just raid the thread and link it to where I would prefer to discuss it.

When a forum loses its credibility and its seriousness it becomes just yet another forum you could use or lose.

As everyone knows, I disdain forums that can't justify separating the unfriendly posters with the guys that want to hang out with friends.

It's not like I am saying anything that hasn't been said. But Battlefront has lost the position of being THE SC forum of choice.

It's that simple.

Might get in trouble for saying that. I don't care.

It won't stop me playing Battlefront products and won't stop me supporting Battlefront products.

The worst that could happen with me getting the bum rush, would be to prevent me spending time here at all as I see it.

There are some that support the notion SC2 is all that is needed to "make the forum better again".


The past won't be going anywhere any time soon.

I will still know this is Battlefront's SC forum, and no amount of sudden activity in here will make it magically different.

Sure the post traffic might increase. Probably will increase. But we will ALL know what happened in the time running up to any release of any evolution of the game.

Doesn't matter if you are a one post newbie, a long time troll, a hard hitting pro at the game, or just one of the guys that has posted a lot in the past.

The water has already flowed under the bridge people.

I know of two off site forums that have taken interesting routes as of late.

NAMB at Wargamer got the pleasure of being kicked out of the General category and made to feel its true worth being shoved down to the last possible spot of the page.

It is now the last possible thing any new visitor sees.

And satisfyingly, the jerks in that special piece of worthlessness have seen their particular brand of garbage offering trail off sharply.

I couldn't be happier.

On the other hand, Don at Warfare HQ decided he just didn't want that sort of garbage on his site any longer, and told the guys that can only post hateful venomous junk, they would either have their thread turfed to a locked thread sort of limbo, or it would just get deleted entirely.

In short, Don took out the garbage as it were.

A forum is only as good as its posters guys. If you post garbage, your forum gets covered in garbage.

And unless you get off on garbage.....

[ November 18, 2003, 08:24 PM: Message edited by: Les the Sarge 9-1 ]

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You may even have eaten an American or two?

Okay, so that makes you an American!

Next time be more careful with your junk food. :D

You hit post twenty-one and demanded a title so they gave you one, troll! Ah, they're a cruel lot. A heartless cruel lot to say such a thing and to a fine young lad who goes around eating Americans at that -- at least eat the ones who aren't citizens and taking jobs away from those who are, giving you neurishment and at the same time giving a citizen his job back. ;)

Titles, let's see ... I'm trying to remember which ones you get. I think it's Member after thirty and after 500 it was Member and after 1000 it was changed to Member and at 2000 it was, let me see, if memory serves me it was Member and then at 3000 I really became a Member -- Stay tuned, I'll let you know what it becomes at 5000. smile.gif

[ November 18, 2003, 08:35 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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Your accounts old?? look at mine lol. I dont know why I keep leaving and coming back. I nvr really post lol. This game is addicting and I would probly spend more time with a "real editor" then actually playing the game. Hey how bout an awesome editor? lol god i ramble alot

The main problem is that you guys take what people say too personally. Just laugh it off its gonna be alright.

I dont know why u all hate the errnat guy so much I find him quite amusing even though he rips on americans like myself... Maybe im just chemically imbalanced. When people make fun of me I laugh and just make fun of them back. But all the whining about how bad BF is getting thats the only thing that bothers me. I think its fine lol. Maybe I just enjoy watching grown men fight.

Making another forum...at first i thought it was a bad idea but maybe that forum is where all the BF members can fight at and this one for real posts about the game?

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Or perhaps viceee-verceee!

You're right and tell me, having already racked up 36 posts in so short a time how is it that you demand a more exalted Title!

But one thing I've noticed, your offerings may be infrequent, but they tend to be profoud.

I can't figure why people aren't taking to the guy, especially as he goes around eating Americans -- why, without people like that this country would be seriously overpopulated! :D

Anyway, Errant , keep posting, before long you'll be one of the old beards here and will stop getting flak.

[ November 18, 2003, 10:12 PM: Message edited by: JerseyJohn ]

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