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Zapp vs Hellraiser - post drinking show :) - game finished


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Oh, can you say ZappSlow? Are you enjoying the game?

"Phone, brb"


"damn, Phone"

What kind of a guy calls another guy in the middle of the night & takes the call for over 20 minutes? Either it's a happy friend, a dealer, or a reload fried.

Wait to you experience these:

"brb, 25 minutes "

"brb, eating 35 minutes"

"awk, kitchen 15 minutes"

"don't send the turn, wait 5 minutes for signal"

"sorry, retrival, can you host your auto now?"

"error, just a minute" (your subs sunk reload"

"just a minute reload PBEM"

getting the idea?

Too much Legend, too little time >>> OUT

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It's called social life, dude. I don't isolate myself in a bunker to avoid being seen or heard or being called. I do not tell my old friends that call me occasionally to "drop dead, I am playing a computer game". Would be kinda nerdish, I like real ppl not just virtual world ppl.

Also, I do not eat one sandwich in like 4-5 hours just so I can play SC. I am a a trainoholic, so I need the pasta, rice, chicken, fish and meat. That's REFUEL not RELOAD. Meet me in the ring, Mr John J, and you will see for yourself the ingrediences that built my rapid left hook :cool:

BTW, if some dude wanted to reload, he could do that and still be quick. Imagine a dude sitting with 2 computers, sending the autosave to computer no.2

[ May 19, 2005, 03:42 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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i don't need reloads man ... i just need someone who won't take 15 minutes to end a turn ... it was 1 am, i was half drunk and i couldn't wait for you to tell your lifestory over the phone ... maybe some other time - prefferably when your phone wires are torn down by some freak fjord whirlwind or something ...

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Ok, Hellrasier, I give u some help then

While (subs_found==false)


write_chat_comment: "afk, sniffing";




followed by...



chose one of the following

1. write_chat_comment: "What's with the rolls?"

2. write_chat_comment: "Something fishy here"

3. write_chat_comment: "Bull****"

4. write_chat_comment: "?"

5. write_chat_comment: "I get all minimums"

and... QUIT_GAME


else do_nothing;


[ May 19, 2005, 06:44 AM: Message edited by: zappsweden ]

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december - poland still holds and have the nerve to counter axis units smile.gif

axis kill an uk corps in LC each turn - in a counter, german corps survives at str 1 - i did not want to commit a 3rd army

subs suicided last turn (they killed a fr cruiser nevertheless 2 turns ago)

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january - poland surrenders

feb - zapp attacks the mine - he's deplying stuff this turn

march 17, french have 6 armies

last turn of march - axis get the forest hex

may 12, allies order a general retreat towards paris area - 2 m line hexes abandoned - uk corps left as cannon fodder, 4 fr armies + hq near paris

june - axis advance very carefully , not risking counters - quite conservative gameplay from zapp's part;

axis clear the corps near paris, armies make a last counter against the tank near paris (paris garrison not used in the counter)- reduced to 6 (tank was 1 star plus already)

HQ opped to brest - i hope paris won't fall this turn smile.gif

June 30, Italy joins, IRA falls - ireland could have been captured 3 turns ago, but i did not want to waste the canadian army (5str)

July 14, Paris will fall this turn; Fr HQ saved along with canadian army+2 uk corps ; allies lost some troops indeed during french campaign - not a very good performance smile.gif but we will see ...

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