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AAR-Zapp (allies) vs Dragonheart(axis) Game #5 -> DH won best of 7 with 4:1


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Paris fell July 28, 1940:


July 28 is below average doing the RAI-ZAS but on the other hand, all 3 neutrals were beat turn 2 (Denmark still Allied but garrison wiped out) so almost GRAND SLAM! Under these circumstances France would fall early, July 28 was perhaps decent then.

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HDO or HBO ? tongue.gif

Yeah, this 'HDO' is basically a tweak of DH's old northern opening, in response to RAI or any other aggro allied openings.

Instead of aiming to kill the northern polish army, the tweak is to kill the corps below it and get 3 (or if u use a second tank) 4 hexes near Warsaw for turn 2. It is less powerful than the standard breakthru attempt but it works 90+ of the times because, if needed, axis will use an air fleet which will be used as well for warsaw in turn 2 if needed.

The good part is that you have Runnie leading the LC attack in turn 2 (supports tank, army, corps+2 AF or 3 AF, tank, corps) - the odds will be better on ground (tank and army supported by Mr. R. have 0-4 vs LC corps instead of 0-3 when supported by Von Suck - a lot of times axis will use only 1 air or 0...well they can still fail, ofc smile.gif )

Under this opening, warsaw garrison will fall in turn 2, 95% of the times, because it gets down to 8-9 during the first turn already and axis have heavy **** attacking + 1 air if needed.

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Barbarossa kicked off in Dezember

-Dowed Bulgaria,Greece,Irak,Swiss,Rumania

-Southern Armies+1 Tank survived

-Bulgaria surrendered

-Allies bombard Brest since several rounds

-Allies Dow Irland, i decided to reinforce to win time to conquer all minors

Attacking force on russland and minors (Rum/Bul)

-11 tanks

-6 Armies

-7 AF´s

-6 HQ

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Allies lost. Axis had long range and jets and could operate everything west to maul down allies in France. Russia had no jet tech and could not press forward.

This game started with great 3 neutrals for axis followed by an early Paris (July 1940) followed by no Minors so instead Allies DOW Portugal in May 1940 (so that Spain joined Axis and minors wont join).

It was UK who ruined it by getting Jet tech L3 and Long Range L3 very soon in the mid-game. Germenay caught up with the tech (because of the stupis catch-up system) and Russia could only be silent and make no counter after that.

Then Axis operated west with all 10 air and UK ran out of MPP for the air battles while Russia had loads of MPP but no jet tech and no long range to be able to attack in any good way.

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