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Fall Weiss '39 AAR - Comrade Trapp (Allies) vs. aesopo123 (Axis)

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Fall Weiss '39 AAR - Comrade Trapp (Allies) vs. aesopo123 (Axis)

The bid is 150 (1:5:20) (UK:US:USSR)

aesopo123 is one of those newbies that likes to talk alot of smack, he seems to think beating up on the AI is some kind of major achievement.

It seems I have no choice but to put him in his place, pity......... ;)

He has requested that this be a PBEM game, no problem here.

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You mean this aesop?

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That would be 2002 and you made a grand total of 36 posts during your stay here, your a newbie.

Regardless, may the best man win. ;)

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Fall weiss commences...

General Bock knew he had to neutralize the Pomorze Army blocking the northern approach to Warsaw. 4th Army bypassed the Polish front lines and struck from the northeast inflicting considerable damage. 8th Army was ordered to march north to hit the weakened Polish defenders from the south. The 1st Polish Airforce was forced to sortie against the II Luftlotte as it was pounding the remnants ot the Pomorze formation. The PAF suffered a 30% casualty rate. The Poles valiantly held on and it took the Wermacht II Corps to finish the job.

General Rundstedt asked the fuerher to release the 3rd Army to hit Warsaw as part of his plan to capture Warsaw. The 3rd Army was released from Konigsberg to hit Warsaw from the north which severely battered the morale of the Polish Army to see their capital attacked in the first few days of the war. XIX Panzer blitzed through the tattered Polish formations to hit Warsaw from the northwest. Rundstedt ordered I and IV Luftlottes to start bombing the beleaguered Warsaw defenders. The Poles defended valiantly and still held on to Warsaw. XVI Panzer raced through the front to hit Warsaw from the south and it was all over for the Warsaw Corps. VII Corps victoriously marched into Warsaw and attacked the airfields of the 1st PAF to the east reducing their strength to 30%. XXIII corps had to be operationally moved into Konigsberg to protect it against the Polish Modlin Corps. VIII Corps advanced to the northwest of Poznan Polish corps to engage it.

The remnants of the Polish government fled as it's calls for aid went unheeded in France and England. The Polish Army has now lost their major supply source and has had mass desertions.

Lodz Army was still standing fast on the front but it was reduced to 50% strength after combined attacks from the 14th and 10th German Armies.

Doenitz ordered an aggressive campaign for the Atlantic and Britain lost 14 mpps to submarine wolfpacks.

The skies are dimming for democracy... Sieg heil!

[ May 20, 2004, 01:02 AM: Message edited by: aesopo123 ]

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Originally posted by aesopo123:

Hey Comrade,

I am still waiting for your turn. Taking awhile to get the right rolls? hmmmm....

I work during the day; I get home at 3:30 pm EST.

And you don't need to explain PBEM etiquette to me, I'm very aware of what the rules are.

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Just in case anyones wondering how this little dispute got started:


I have no problem with newbies in general, but it displeases me when people brag about beating up on AI and think they are SC player of the year because of it. When it comes from a newbie, it displeases me even more.

He has given me no choice but to humiliate him in front of the entire forum.

I have to admit though; I think I'm going to get a lot of satisfaction out of this. ;)

I'll post my first move when I get home, should be home within the next few hours.

Comrade Trapp

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September 17, 1939

Warsaw has fallen, but the Poles continue to fight on. Polish units withdraw towards the Polish-Russian border where possible while cut off units hold their positions and dig in.

In the West, British General Montgomery (8) is given command of the Royal Air Force in England (RAF Bomber Command is disbanded). The RAF 1st air fleet moves into London and prepares to take on air superiority missions.

In France, the French Air Force is disbanded along with 2 French BBs. The mpps are used to build 3 new corps for the French Army.

In the North Atlantic, German U-boats raid Allied merchant shipping. A combined force of Royal and French Navy ships is assembled and sent out to hunt down and destroy the U-boat menace.

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Poland layed in ruins as the remnants of the badly demoralized Polish Armies and diminished airforce tried to flee to the east. A Polish Corps and Army was trapped in the middle of Poland was easily destroyed. The gods intervened and gave the Poles a reprieve when we had a power outage... grrrr. 2nd time again destroyed the remaining Polish airfleet to the east and the Polish Corps that was defending it's front. Poland capitulates and yielded 343 mpps. Axis raiders sunk 16 mpps of allied shipping.

There is a bitter dispute in high command to whether to secure the Scandinavian resources or immediately launch an attack on the wine guzzling swines.

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October 15, 1939

Poland falls to Germany. No attacks made on any other minor, only one corps spotted on the German-LC border.

In France, the French Army prepares it's defensive positions along the French-LC border. The first defensive line is made up of I, II, III, IIII corps while the French 1st, 2nd, and 5th armies make up a second defensive line directly behind it.

No engagements reported.

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Denamrk was assaulted by I and II Luftlottes, and bombarded by the German Kreigsmarine. The Danish defenders held on and was assaulted by XI Corps. Still the Danes held down to 30% strength. The French Army appears to have been mobilizing troops to resist our intentions.

Following plans and operations were encrypted from High Command.

Where shall we go next?

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November 12, 1939

In the North Atlantic, the Royal Navy spots and engages the 2 German U-boats near the north-west corner of the map. Two RN Carriers are used, both sides take damage.

In France, the Canadian 1st Army arrives in Paris and begins to dig in.

Meanwhile, Denmark is reinforced.

[ May 21, 2004, 05:18 PM: Message edited by: Comrade Trapp ]

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December 10, 1939

Denmark falls to German forces.

In the North Atlantic, two U-boats are sent to the bottom. The Royal Navy Cruiser HMS Hood takes heavy damage while a RN BB takes minor damage.

In France, a newly formed 1st Armored Tank Group (French) moves into position north-east of Paris.

Meanwhile, German forces are spotted massing along the German-LC border.

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