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Accurate Rankings


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For the players that I've played and how they compare for both Axis & Allies, for today and yesterday I will show a fairly accurate account on what I feel and what I've seen......

Axis Supreme Commanders:

Terif, This man is good at Axis, he stopped me from ever even finding a D-Day until it was far far too late, he kept my Carrier-Fighter experience down and from what I've read in AARs he does it with everyone. Only usually quick strategies beat him or exploits...

Dragonheart, he beat Terif as Axis, straight up, and this was when the system was lower so I must assume though I've never seen his Axis game he's nearly as good. Not certian if this still counts to this very day however.

Rambo, he is aggressive, and has some old fashioned moves in the mix with his Axis game. All around I'd say he's very good Axis player, and I've never beaten him as Allies but came close once.

HR, wild and crazy and when I had destroyed almost every Axis fighter he came back on me to knock me out with Super Subs!!! I haven't played him many games where I was Allied so It's hard to say. I think I could've beat him in the old days with my low rated Allied type game even still he was dilligant...

As far as the rest of the Axis Supreme Commanders I need everyone elses comments as I am usually only Allied 1 in 8 times ;) That means many of the best Allied players aren't even mentioned here, nor some of these guys given justice!

Now for Allied Supreme Commanders:

Terif, he doesn't miss a move, he comes up with very innovative strategies to keep the Axis from taking out Real Estate fast.. He uses the UK very effectively and though I wasn't all impressed with his Russia or USA the UK aspect he was a Monster at and that is a pacesetter for this game. I always manage to take him to Russia but he always has me beat down enough by this point where I can never win. You really need to do damage on his UK or surrender ultimately he is the best Allied player I've ever seen, and since I've seen 20-30 of em, in 300-400 games I know best smile.gif <my best chance of ever beating him I was too foolish to capitalize on him and most of what I've learned that made me a decent player was in his strategy guide>

DH: I've never beaten him, but at the time I was still a virgining player and incapable of really putting up much of a challenge for him, I don't know where he fits in my stats for today.. I pretty much see a lot of sound strategies with him. A very strong player. His track record proves it!

Rambo, was a fine Allied Commander. I haven't played any other Ally as much tenacity even when all is lost. I have played him more than other man on here, and I average about 1 in 3 or 1 in 4...Lately I've improved even with upwards of 250-300 bids, only save this RAI strategy. Once overcome I can almost even up with him with my Axis 1 for 1 if Tech goes my way. If not He will usually beat me if he isn't too drunk or too tired tongue.gif Rambo has refined my Axis game and my numerous losses to him have showed me that SlowPlay is Axis Victory, FastPlay is an early exit against a cunning Allied player. We've had 80% of our games go into '43 and even '44 ... He is about likely Ranked #2 just due to the fact he's found the only ways to conquor Terif as far as I know ;)

ZappSweden, he is good and though loses his patience all too often, I've whooped him a few times and lost to him a few times as Axis. Mostly he made it hard to break France but usually he didn't have anything after this. Though I admit he is a good Allied player all around.

Kuniworth, last I played him, when I get the chance he is actually a fair Allied player. He usually makes it hard for me to beat him but I always do and this just how it is. He would be much better if talked less, and played more and finished everything and probably would be a world class player.

Avatar: Both Sides

Avatar, he is very aggressive and was the first to show me the Axis Polish breakthrough in the South. I've got to give it to him here but I found when he first started I could beat him rather easily if he didn't succeed, he lacked patience to be a top notched Axis player past France not sure if this has changed?Avakin:

RAI or fast plays Allies well, if not will probably be beaten fairly easily. He has some strong ways to kill Axis in France but if he can't do it there I haven't usually seen much of him afterwards. I think, though I can't say for sure after Paris he will be mine but we'll see!

HR, not too strong an Allied player last I played him.. Though limited time in game to tell you, last time I was Axis I got Paris he was in deep trouble...but that was some months ago and I know he's been improving!

Honorable mentions:

Trapp was a decent player, always takes you a long way but he lacks certian fundamentals to knockout most the rest of the SC Community not in this list... I've never lost to him, but he always has stretched it far enough for me to realize he had potential.

Condor in his day was our modern equivelant of a DH, not around anymore though. I've rarely if ever beaten him...

This is just my tentative judgement calls, fairly objective that's why not mention of self but believe me the above is fairly up to date right now and what is availabe out there for a real challenge for tough players who want tough competition ;)

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Originally posted by hellraiser:

hmmm I would rather say I'm a better allied player now than an axis one smile.gif

and if i remember well, Liam, our last game was the one were you tried to Sealion me and kept trying...and kept trying smile.gif We have an AAR somewhere around here...

Hmmm, I don't recall it too well.. I do remeber the one before that I was doing TCC and knocking you out pretty fast ;) but we started anew I guess the one you mean
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If one can prove if you are a better Allied or Axis player this is me as we have played already 20+ games so far.

As Allied player you are a bad ass player mostly very agressive and hungry for kills. But whilst in former days you destroyed your early gains by major mistakes in the mid and endgame you improved your skills for the long run seriously. ---->maybe as result of our epic,long, and exiting games. ;)

With you as axis we played only two games which were aborted and called a draw AFAIK. Solide gameplay at the start and then you wanna burry england ignoring completely what is going on with russian KB smile.gif Your fighters still tried to kill monty whilst the russians were knocking on the door and were asking if they are not invited to the pary. :D England would be dead for sure but russia able to win the war alone.

So i would say far better allied player.

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"As Allied player you are a bad ass player mostly very agressive and hungry for kills."

Sure sir, if the opposition allows me to behave like that :D:D:D

Indeed vs you I had the most interesting and balanced games lately - you like long games, i like long games and I like you because you ain't a quitter and you like to play your odds to the very end.

As far as rankings are concerned - well I don't really care if i am 2 or 100. Since the only spot that matters is first and I really can't see how I can get that in the next 127 years, I preffer to lie myself saying I play for fun only :D:D:D

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Any of you are capable of being first, there is no science to Terifian Theory, merely the fact it's the current thing. He Examines every move and thinks precisely what every basic possability is, sometimes he comes out short having cost him a handful of losses...

The fact is in SC, it's the man who thinks ahead of the other that wins, and follows it with a level headed tactic and overall has a flawless strategy...

Rambo and me fought hard last night after RAI, I would've have won but I made 1 error, Iraq Mountain pass. Did that with HR once I think cost me the whole game when I pretty much had it in the bag..... Terif is slower, because he takes his time and he thinks about, well, hmmmmm. that sub can only make this sort of move, and if you post in these 4 spots<units that are not of better use elsewhere> then of course that sub will have no chance to escape or inflict minor damage...<the minimal it's capable of giving me the greatest return on my movements, choices, strategies, tactics, MPPs, everything>

We merely are too fast, all of us, we do not apply the fury of Terifian Theory. Now Rambo, he's whole other story... UberAggressive, comes up with knockout blows, more like Rocky tongue.gif

he's got style and beware clashing with him and not being prepared for an aggressive player but once you know what to expect he's in trouble... He will be beat by shear defensive manuevering. Which I do all too well ;) Only Terif and DH have beat him more than me. Each one of you has your Pros and Cons and who they face up to each player. One may do poorly against one and great against another.. It's hard to say and DH is right, 20 games is a minimum and within a couple months to know how someone compares up to you. We're all like Boxers and some of us just cannot be beat right now, but even Lewis got his arse beat in the end...

Avatar DH newer fellows on the scene. Zappster Rambo, Terif older Dogs... HR very very new ;) very very capable... I think capable of being one of the best players due to the amount of time he puts in

I'm not patient enough to be the best, I put more time in EU2 and I'm still just a top10 player there but hell, that's like 5 Xs being the SC championship, just managing your Inflation is harder than SC tongue.gif

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@Hellraiser yep you are rite i like long games and i win alot of games where others would have already surrended.

In our current game i had not only bad luck with KB of USA,RUSSIA and some other crap but made also horrible mistakes (splitting air, trying to prefent norway and swedeninvasion, wasted alot of fighters, etc..) but also bright sides (Trap arround Kiev which costed russia arround 2000 MPP, Airbattle arround London which killed almost your hole western air, also you dont have ships anymore)

But the most odd thing in our game is that russian tanks, and air is guarding england ...unfortunately Timoschenko died by accident :D

With arround 150 MPP advantage, Königsberg occupied, and your trementous russian Airfleet and Army this game should be decided but i will make you a "BAD ASS LAST STAND" you can be sure.

Hope to see you this evening.

@Liam...yep involving in more than one game can reduce your skill level for SC but it seems you can manage that well... you know i was playing HOI,EU2, and a couple of games too.

Unfortunately we had no game for a long period ..i would be happy if we can play soon as we never had a long game.....i also need to play some other dudes like Avatar,Zapp and Kuni which i did not play for ages.

Cya all on the battlefield


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i was forced to keep 2 russian HQs in west - timoschenko in UK and mr. Zhukow in scandinavia near bergen - otherwise Red AFs CANNOT fly into UK (bad supply)

All the time I had an AF in Finland ready to be flown via Scandinavia to the UK tongue.gif

Tthe 2 tanks were placed in UK just in case you get too serious about Sealioning ;)

Meanwhile Russia is gaining a lot of cash (almost on par with Germany and Uk + USA are gaining about 380 or so (200 uk, 180 usa)

Basically, combined allied income is almost 900 (500+200+180) - It is my desire to keep fighting for more instead of making a decisive thrust right now - time is on my side ;)

And be sure I will be keeping your cash in check - if you keep engaging those Red AFs in the east smile.gif

But you never know ... playing against you teached me again that a game is never lost until the opponent say 'i surrender' - remember our team event match? My position was not only good but very good and I lost because of overconfidence.

Overconfidence leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to the Dark Side !!! :D

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Hmmm, DH our young Padwan is learning fast, but he still has much to learn ;)

I saw you in an EU2 game, I had to mow you down, it was only fate as you'd mowed me down in SC but I didn't know that were from both forums!

You did impressive considering you were new, I've taken a break from EU and HOI I've never quite developed a taste for it. It didn't have the following neccessary. Vicky was entertaining on it's own for a few games, a Super RTS Civlization type game.. Gets boring after awhile

SC2 will be a welcomed edition

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