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H.J. von Arnim

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This thread should be locked.

No I am not siding with Rambo.

The fact is the forums have been much improved since politics was told to stay in Politics.

If you care to look, Rambo speaks his mind in there, and you should do so as well.

Keep the wargaming sections wargaming please.

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@H.J. --- Great link! The faces of the losers smile.gif Anybody notice a theme in the type of people in the pictures? A bunch young people who have no idea how to defend a country. Go into 1st Baptist Church & ask the youth their which way they voted. You'll also notice posts from people in Seattle, SanFran, and....well, enough said smile.gif

Go outside the Big City, it's all Bush baby! Independent, fundamental, gun owning, Bible toting, hard working, tax paying, family raising (Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve), flag waving, Gospel singing, country loving, Capitalistic, Freedom enjoying, Israel Supporting, pro-Lifers, crime enforcing, terrorist battling, good people...The Heartbeat of America.

Everybody's All-American,


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What the rest of the world has to realize, President can do some neat and interesting things. Though his power isn't supreme. In America and as well as in Europe the Power is Money. Big business runs the USA and so does Big Business in Europe and almost everywhere else. Utopia? Where?

Why is Marijuana, prostitution and drugs illegal? Because Alcohol and Tobacco and over the counter drugs companies are the biggest in the world. Prostitution? How many Mailorder brides are European? I'll betcha there is a Million European Woman in America, why aren't they at home? Cause Europe isn't taking care of their women.

Contraversal statement? Not true of every nation, indeed. Fact.. plain straight and simple... And step over to Asia and it's even worse in certian instances.

Off topic, yes, however the point remains Noone Is Perfect. USA hasn't the highest Death Toll in the World. Lets add up folks? Shall we?

#1 Killers in the World of civilians?








Go look up the figures.. We're dead last.. Point fingers, point them at yourselves..

When was the last time that the UN saved anyone? Cyprus how many years ago?

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Oh and let me remind you guys, Belgium and France helped put men like Hitler in Power.

By playing the blame game and exacting Billions out of the German People. To be honest I can't entirely blame Fritz for Rising up against the Man, just the fact he went fanatical and become an UberPowerMonger. ;)

Look over to Iraq, you know who the biggest losers were in those Foreign Contracts? From what I hear now adays, Russia and France were making out bigtime on the oil for food program. Odd they were against war aye? Politics? all of it, how many of you are Politicians..I know you're not cause they don't have the time to speak on a Public Forum smile.gif

I have laymens grasp, enough to really focus on the facts. Iraq, is a cleaner place, if people stop pushing us one day they might be like Germany after WW2 instead of like Russia under Stalin. You can't see the obvious you're on the hippie walk for peace.."all we are saying is give peace a chance?" Okay, but sell Nuclear Power Plants to Iraq, and Enriched Uranium K? smile.gif That's why nations in Europe were doing. Hell, Europeans built Saddam the biggest Gun the world has ever know!

All of us are guilty, it's about all us of took squarely the blame and went out did something about it. Bush is a cowboy, no need to follow that dogma, but no reason to act like you don't know when shyt stinks either smile.gif and Europe smells as bas as ours ever has!

P.S. Stop voting in your leaders that allow your arms to be sold to foreign countries! Stop supporting men that are supporting Dictators who're mass Murderers! Finally get off your rearends stop investing in yourselves and devote Time & Energy to the UN to defend our Planet from Evil Aggression! Then countries like the USA will ebb to the flow!

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