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Anti-aircraft research

Col. Kurtz

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I have some newbie questions concerning the value of anti-aircraft radar. (1) The terrain values chart lists an air defense value and and an air defense bonus for certain terrains. Is the bonus for units stationed on these terrains or an addition to the terrain value itself?(2) Do anti-aircraft research levels increase the air defense of terrain, the air defense bonus or both? (3)For valuable resources like mines or oil fields with weak air defense is it a good idea to entrench units with strong air defense values on them ? Do these units take the blows when the square is attacked rather than the resource itself? (4) At what level does AA reseach start to "sting" air attacks? (5) Given that it costs nothing other than the original research investment is anti-aircraft research a cost-effective way to counter massed air fleets? (6) Do the almost certain advances that most players make in jet research negate the value of AA research or make it even more essential?

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- air defence (AD)increases the damage for the attacking air. So air attacking mines and oilfields (with AD = 0) take no damage.

- You can place units on these ressources to protect them. The units take the hits instead, i.e. no damage at the ressource.

- the air defence bonus (ADB) protects units placed on the terrain/ressource and reduces the damage for the defender (e.g. fortresses have ADB of 4, i.e. units in fortresses are very good protected against air attacks and take nearly no damage - depending on their readiness level)

- with anti-aircraft (AA) research you can increase the damage for attacking air. But AA doesn NOT decrease the damage for the defender.

- each level of AA increases the air defence value of each ressource (port, city, mine, oilfield) and fortress itself - so attacking air takes more damage even when the terrain is empty.

- and each lv of AA also increases the air defence (= increases damage for attacking air) of every unit placed on a ressource or fortress.

So the answers to your questions are:

1) yes, the ADB is a bonus for units stationed on these terrains (=reduces damage)

2) AA increases only the air defence value (= increases damage for the attacker)

3)yes, you should place units on weak ressources like mines and oilfields, since they take the blows - usually corps are the most cost effective units to protect them.

4)Lv 1 AA is enough to make it cost ineffective to attack even an empty mine/oilfield. Lv 2 if you want to be sure the enemy will not attack any more...

5) AA makes it more costly for air to kill units in cities. So it changes warfare and tactics: if possible ground units should now attack cities/ressources, AFs still can kill the units around the ressources. So it is a cost effective way to make an enemy offensive more difficult and he cant kill your units in the cities with air only - at least this will be very expensive for him. But if the enemy has the right mix of ground units and AFs, it doesnt change much since then he can avoid attacking cities with air.

6)Jet research does not increase the ground attack values of airfleets. Jets only affects air to air combat. So Jets even make AA a bit more valuable, since with jets it costs more to reinforce AFs (10%/jet lv) and they still take the same strength point amount of additional damage from AA research (= higher mpp damage).

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