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Just wanna say it's a Great wargame

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I waited this game for almost 2 month in

korea and finally I got it!

I live in korea and I played a computer

wargame since Mech brigade in apple II,

Until I got this game, my best wargames are

OPART, CC3, V for victory or Rising sun etc

(I was very suprised that The maker of CM is

exactly the same company of my favoriate

masterpiece game 'Fligt commander'! ^^)

but I must admit this game rules!

I'm sure this game will change the standard

of future wargames and I really enjoy this

cyber war(Frankly speaking, I think this is

not a game, it is just war itself!(You must

add some mod..though I hate war ^^)

In my country there is so few wargamer or

grognards but they begin to talk about this

CM is 'Great' or 'New standard' etc.

I can't wait another CM2 so please keep up

the great work.

one question

Is there any option to change hi-res or low-


Great work! I wanna preorder CM5! HAHA BYE!

V ^^ m

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Wow! Thanks for replies!

I really enjoy this game. I mean I begin to

afraid if CM2 appear so late then my life

would be ruied this christmas..

Plz Remeber BIGTIME! ^^; HAHA so please keep

up the good work, BIGTIME software!

and SCIPIO, Don't blame the pope but

yourself. Because of your greatest sound mod

I can't stop playing this game.

You made My mom said My room sounds like hell


I'm really happy that now in 21st century

all the world's boys(or girls, who call them

proudly grognard! V ^^ m)gather and share

their war tactics and compete each other

without killing but share the friendships

etc.(Who could imagine this things will

happen? Guderian?)

My favoriate side is of course mighty U.S

Army.(But not in front of that tiger! ^^)

Of course I will play the german side after

I finished hunting some tiger and panthers..

I really like to see that M4s strrugle to

survive in front of that KING tiger.

I am really looking forward to seeing the

next CM series.

Just Imagine the future, CM5 - Pacific

front! Whooa!

Well thanks for replies and enjoy your game,

BYE! V ^^ V


Not war, Just Wargames! -Grognards

Especially CM!- sukhoi ^^

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