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Can tank crews be suppressed?

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Search came up empty.

Specifically, what I am asking is do multiple non-penetrating hits on an AFV suppress the crews (other than buttoning them up and reducing their ability to see) and cause them to be less accurate or lower their ROF.

I ran a quick test with a king tiger vs 10 stuarts. The KT spotted 3 of them, toasted one, then buttoned up and fired a couple of misses at the other two(who retreated behind a hill). The other tanks remained unseen and bounced 70+ shells off the KT (many were flank shots). What I wanted to see was if the KT would be 'alerted' or 'shaken' similar to infantry. He was a rock, and facing the identified stuarts I can understand this. Its the hits from the unseen tanks that I would think would be a little nerve-racking.

The closest I've come to being in a tank under fire is sitting in a porta-potty when some punk threw a rock at it. I can imagine it being a little stressful. Now would a tank taking a lot of large caliber hits from an unseen enemy stay put or pop smoke and retreat.

Been lurking for a while, this is my first post. Love the game.

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ok i dont really know but in the games i have played i havent noticed any supression unless the tank gets hits real bad then it reads on the unit stats "shocked". this happened to me only when near hits by 500lb bombs landed, and when crossing a minefeild and taking damage.

i feel supression should be a factor i could only imagine the head ache after taking a few hits.

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Good post and you bring up some great points. You are absolutely right about being buttoned up and not knowing whos plinking you.

Unfortunately the spotting scheme with the shared info skrews the pooch here.

But it would be nice if a tank that gets hit and doesnt "really" know whos shooting gets a morale check of sorts. Reverse is not for cowards but for killers is what I say.

The omni-uber-sharing of info is the games undoing. I dont like the robot-tank syndrome either. Very few vehicles ever had the armor/fanatical crews to just stand and take hits. Maybe 1942 Tigers or early T34. Even then, theres alot of subsystems that can be damaged by taking non-penetrating hits.


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I played a game recently via TCP/IP and did just what you are asking.

I was facing two German tanks (I forget which type but they were kickin my butt pretty good) who were nestled in a small clearing surrounded on three sides be trees. I had a Hellcat and Sherman 75 left. I hide my tanks out of sight of the German tanks and called in 105mm arty blindly on the location of the German tanks. I timed my tanks to come out from behind their positions and be in sight of the German tanks about 20 seconds after the arty was due to start falling. It worked perfectly. The arty started to fall and my tanks came out and knocked out both German tanks before they even targeted me. Was it that they were buttoned up and slow to target? Maybe. Was it that they had slow ROF? Maybe. But at the time I set it up so that I thought they would be suppressed by the arty and it seemed that they were.


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Generally, they (the AI) will pop smoke and reverse of their own volition when confronted with opposition that the AI perceives as a real threat. If the Stuarts can see the King then to some degree the King can see the Stuarts. What may have happened is that the King's AI became unable to choose a target that had precedence over any other and given the KT slow turret travese speed was unable to actually acuire a target after a while.

I have rarely seen tankers in the game suffer faintness of heart to the point of being shocked. Shocked usually occurs when a crew member has become a casualty, usually the commander. When this happens the tank becomes severely limited in its ability to perceive threats and acquire targets. Another thing you will see happen when a vehicle becomes immobilized or has a gun hit, is the crew often abandon the vehicle if they percieve too great a threat. Especially when immobilized.

The difference between tanks and infantry is that an infantry man can break and run or cower deeply into a hole in the ground, I've rarely seen a hole big enough to cower a King Tiger in : ) Tankers also have a misplaced sense of security (especially Sherman crews smile.gif) in the armor around them. You also have to think about the type of tank and the crew's experience. Wittman and his crew in the course of getting all those kills on the eastern front had to have suffered a huge number of ricochets from their behemoth.

IMHO kmead

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