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Fire's, Zooks and Schrecks (and other random comments)

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A little question about the final release here-

I'm playing a pbem where a lit a part of the forest that the enemy was hiding in on fire.

The enemy soldiers fleed this area, but none of them took casualties... is this realistic??? I'd imagine that you'd loose quite a few guys if you found yourself in the middle of a blazing inferno...

The fire animation is another thing... I'm just wondering if it has been improved to appear more organic...

The third and last little thing was I was wondering about Zooks and Schrecks... in CM you model the allied and german Rifles and machine guns beautifully, but the zooks and Schrecks are just tube polygons, has this changed or have you turned your focus to other things...


just wonderings smile.gif

God my GPA is going to fall through the floor when CM is released... Steve, Charles... Congrats- I haven't been hooked this strongly on a game in well... ever wink.gif

Much thanks, praise, and otherwise good stuff to you two wink.gif


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Well, I have seen pictures of Schrecks and Bazookas, indeed they are more detailed than the game suggests. Indeed, the tripods on the MMG's and HMG's look pretty corny compared to the detailed work on the weapon itself.

Just a question, for the Vickers MMG, and the Browning Water cooled is there going to be an actual 3D Cylindrical water cooler? Did the Water Cooled Browning actually see service after 1944? I am actually starting to think that it didn't.

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Guest Big Time Software

Here are some answers...

1) Fire is in a 20m by 20m spot. It is not literally every cm of ground on fire, especially not at first. So yes, a unit can escape fire if it moves out quickly enough. But if it is trapped, or is unlucky, it can suffer casualties. No unit will move into a spot that is on fire either.

2) Organic looking fire is highly desirable, but it isn't something we are keen on hitting the frame rate for. If it was one or two fires max we could do a lot, but in a medium sized mechanized scenario you can have dozens of fires burning by the time the game ends. Too many to do much with at the moment, but fertile area to improve next time around.

3) The modeling of the Bazookas, Piats, and Schrecks is as it will be. Too many other important details need our attention at the moment.

4) Weapon details are easy. Just scan in a weapon, tweak it, and bingo... cool texture. For something like the tripods... more difficult. We aren't planning on changing the way they look because, as stated above, there are far more important things to deal with. Got to prioritize or the game will never ship wink.gif

5) The water cooled Browning was not supposed to be in use in 1944 so far as I know. However, there are always exceptions to any rule like this.


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Keep in mind VRAM limitations, please. I have not noticed the lack of detail on either the tubes or tripods

Also, the fire as shown in the game is not a blazing inferno. It is probably more like an out of control campfire. The weather/ground conditions on the Western Front during most of the end of WW2 (they had the wettest, coldest winter for 50 years in 44-45) precluded the kind of blazes that S California sees every summer/fall.


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Guest Capt_Manieri

Your GPA is gonna fall??? What about mine?!....I suck in math and science as it is and now, instead of studying, I'm at this board all the time!! Not BTS's fault, it's mine, in all honesty. Oh, well.....who cares if my parents crucify me when my report card comes??? Just as long as I get my CM.....nothing else matters. Now, if my parents take my computer away and I get CM, that's another story................................

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