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  1. Saying an absolute like NEVER is going too far. All that someone needs to do is find ONE single instance where this NEVER actually was a WAS, and your argument gets thrown out the window. What about the Devil's Brigade? This American/Canadian force never lost an engagement against the Germans... They did not have any special weaponry but relied on heavy training and intelligent tactics. There have been instances where regular Allied troops have outfought highly trained and well equipped German formations who also posessed superior numbers and support. I can cite them for you, but am sure that these are of common knowledge. We did not just win because we out attritioned them (ie. took more casualties than the Germans, but they had less reserves). Our casualty rates (US, UK, Canadian, French) were significantly lower than German casualty rates from Normandy till VE day. Somehow we were 'better' than the Germans.
  2. I find it funny that two people used my 'america sat on their a$$es' remark, and actually used it seriously. Interestingly enough, you left out the rest of the message, that sated that anyone who took part in this UK/US bashing was just an idiot falling into this Troll's trap. Little did I realize that he was so smart as in you guys were so easily trapped into his net to use my condemnation of him and his acts in the very thing I was condemning.
  3. All that you are going to do is to start a debate between America and Britain, which he is trying to do. You are doing exactly what he wants. Saying remarks like "we saved your butt's" and "Monty was a fool" will only draw in British/Commonwealth people too refute you. Then this will turn into a Monty vs. Patton debate and that the US just sat on their a$$'$ while the UK/Commonwealth fought Hitler for 3 years. Now we don't really want to get into that, do we?
  4. Heh heh, I can see where this debate is going, probably to the General Forum... Anyway, I wouldn't say that German technology was better than Allied tech. Judging the BEST of German, British and American units (Land, Sea and Air) the technology discrepancy was not very great. The Allies could have built tanks like the Tiger and Panther, but due to POLITICAL decisions, they decided that MOBILITY and NUMBERS were more important than pure GUN and ARMOUR. Without Shermans and Cromwells the Allies could not have done the Breakout from Normandy as well as they did. The Lee Enfield and M1 Garand were both better than German Rifles. Sometimes the Allies has technology AND numbers... Regarding tanks, the Cromwell and the Sherman were both more versitile tanks than the most common German tank, the Panzer Mark IV. The RAM Kangaroo was a much better APC than the SdKfz series, since they offered much more protection and in a chassis capable of accompanying the tanks, since it was based off of a tank! It is generally assumed that German equipment was universally better than the Allies, by looking at the Tiger's, Panther's and HMG's. But since these were more 'rarities' than commonalities on the battlefield (while the good allied weapons were commonalities), it cannot be said that the Germans held technological advantages to the Allies. Against an average German foe, the Allies usually found themselves with superior equipment.
  5. Just to play the devil's advocate, knowing how many Commonwealth and German changes through patches do not mean much unless they are compared to that of American changes. However, since I do not believe in a US bias in the game, then to me the point is mute. Actually, I do have a picture of a Bren on a tripod in a Tamiya Modelling book (of the cover of another modelling book of small arms). However, the British/Commonwealth troops (in winter gear) look like they are from 1939/40. We cannot say wether or not the Bren was still used in 'tripod' form in 1944, and even if this Bren was used in this form in sufficient numbers in 1939/40 and if this picture is of an oddity rather than a common occurance.
  6. I think that most of the reaction to RTS is that the present assumption by most gamers is that if it is not RTS, then it sucks. Turn based games were just about all that was offered when computers were new. They could not offer as much complexity if it was real time, so it was slated to turned based. However, as computers go faster and faster, games can be more and more complex. RTS is more possible than before, with more complexity. However, just because RTS is there, and can be complex, does NOT mean that turn based games are obsolete. Take Chess. One could devise the game to be RTS through complicated rules, and a processing system. However, many people like chess for its plodding and slow, and critical thinking that it offers. RTS does result in developing strategy, however, many people like Turn Based games because they are pure strategy, like chess. Making something RTS, or the option of RTS is not supposed to be an obvious evolution of all games. Turn based games still have a following, even with new gamers (so it isn't just a bunch of old people!). Just go to any RTS game board and mention that you want a Turn Based option for the game and you will get arguments against it from just about everyone. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different. Having a RTS option for CM2 would require BTS to totally rehash the mechanizm of the game. It might not be less complicated (ie. you probably could process a significant number of attributes as the Turn Based game) but the mechanizm would require tweaking as to issue orders while the turn is in motion. Possibly later incarnations of CM will be RTS, but without significant precidence from other RTS games, Steve and Charles cannot afford to risk to break another barrier. Personally, I see CM as a RTS Turn Based Hybrid. You issue the orders on the turn, then see the orders go out in Real Time. Your units then decide their own orders in response to situations. For CM to be RTS you would remove the option of your units reacting, while you can just stop whenever and issue your own orders immediately (sort of like Star Wars: Rebellion). If there is no pause, or slow turn then things like the 3D zoom and rotation would serve to confuse the player, resulting in the game being a fixed view like most RTS games are. While playing CM, when the game stars getting heavy with a lot of things happening along the map, I routinely watch a single 60 second turn 4-6 times. If it was Real Time, then this option would be impossible. The turn based system that CM presently offers results in a game that may take weeks to play, while most RTS games are over in a night. The real time option would result in an extreme amount of work on the part of BTS to get right. The request for Real Time options for CM have been constant, yet only by a small minority of the visiting or residing population. The population might grow if the game became Real Time, with BTS making more sales, but they appear to be happy enough catering to the population who still desires to have a turn based game, with a good AI and good graphics requiring high strategy. RTS may not turn into a clickfest, but much of the strategy of a turn based game will be lost in the confusion.
  7. Most French troops evacuated at Dunkirk were sent back to France to form up new units before the fall. More were again evactuated after that, but the numbers never got up to the 90 000. Most of the Soliders left in England decided to be loyal to the Vichy French regime, and were sent to North Africa, later to join the Allies in 1942. The French troops seen in CMBO were predominantly based off the 2nd French Armoured Division. An entire French Army, based off of the North African troops did fight in Europe. The reasoning for using generic US soldiers for French troops was done by BTS because most French formations used a combination of US and French helmets. Having French helmets along with US helmets would have increased the complexity of the units in the game more than they wanted. It was a matter of supply. French uniforms were no longer being made, and once their original ones wore out, they had to get replacements. British uniforms were in sufficient number so that until 1942 they could be equipped by them, but after 1942 American uniforms became even more plentiful.
  8. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by The Commissar: Although I don't know the title of this photo, I do know that the Russians are famous for "glorifying" their generals with their propoganda.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> And that is different from any other nation how....?
  9. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by YECoyote: A moment of silent, please, for the men and women who gave everything in the name of Peace and Liberty.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Liberty.... THAT'S AMERICAN TALK!!!
  10. Thanks, I think that there is still 25-30 Gigabytes left on the computer... Probably due to a messy CD, or all of the Anti-Virus programs taking up all of the memory.
  11. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by The_Capt: Ok settle, Now this was an shallow introspective into the hearts and minds of CM gamers. NOT an opportunity for the Peng crew to try and stage a coup! Get back in your hole cause we are tryin to eat here!!!! Now Lawyer, as much fun as a "child abduction" show may sound, it is bound to get out of control. I mean the first season will be a smash but then we'll get corrupt in order to to stay ahead of the clones. We'll start paying our children to pull a gun, burst into flame or start spouting 8th century biblical prophesies in Egyptian while exhibiting stigmata. Then we'll sell out to the entertainment overlords in L.A. to support our growing hooker and whiskey habit. Next thing you now you and I are sharing a bus stall and fighting over which corner to pee in. I'll wake up one morning to find you dead...go thru your stuff and try to harvest an organ or two. In short it is dangerous to court Fame and Riches for she is a two faced heartless bitch just like Mom.... OK I have issues but anyway...Peng guys buzz off and I will stick with my day job until the ticking sends me screaming over the edge.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Don't forget... "you get to drink out of the fire hose!!!"
  12. Just saw something the other night about the early war and the British Tank Arm (fairly reliable source, a show "TANKS!" on the History channel, with historians from Bovington). It seems that pre-war British doctrine was to actually fire on the move. Since most of the armoured force in the BEF (1st Army Tank Brigade and 1st Armoured Division) were regular troops (not territorial), then should not British tanks have the capability to fire while in motion, with some accuracy? It seems that a lot of empasis was placed on shooting well while on the move. I am not sure about the other nationalities.
  13. Although this might be better suited for the 'mod' area, I was thinking that possibly creating 'mod-packs', like the Madmatt mod packs, might be a desierable thing, especially with the increasing number of High Speed users. I find it difficult to keep track of all of the multiple small mods, based on individual vechicles and such. I go to different sites, and invariably download the same thing (just named differently!) The 'Normandy' mod is a first step in large mod making. Collecting the best of the best (this may be very difficult with all of the high quality mods out there) and putting them in one big file would be an easy download for fast users, and less confusing. Either that, or put all of the works of one individual (ie. All of Marco's stuff) in one package, so if you like a particular artist, you could get all of their stuff in one conveniant package.
  14. I tried to load CM on my parent's new P900, running Windows ME, and the CD refuses to copy over the WAV files from 5001-5010.wav. I tried both installing and manually copying the files over, but to no avail. I tried minimal install, which worked. Installed the latest patch, and ran a PBEM file I recieved. Loaded the file, but when the Password request appears it gets into a loop and freezes up. Help!
  15. Hmm, one of the things not mentioned either by Kitty, or by anyone else in the community, notably one of the most important things about a birthday, is, your age!
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