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Buttoned Tanks have limited LOS?

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After reading through the very interesting tank article referenced in this thread:


I decided to set up a long-distance shootout between a Tiger and a bunch of Sherman targets (er - tanks smile.gif).

Even though this is done on open ground and under clear conditions, the tanks start out not being able to see each other (closest tank is ~2100m from the Tiger). The Shermans seem to need to move a bit closer to the Tiger before any shooting begins.

Once the shoting begins, a whole lot of misses occur. And then keep occuring. The Tiger is certainly hit, but round after round from tanks that had just previously hit the Tiger still miss. Which is a bit disappointing. I really happen to like ricochets! smile.gif

At any rate, eventually, the Tiger will become buttoned due to the hits. Once this happens, the Tiger will only fire 1 or 2 rounds more before all the Sherman tanks go out of LOS. Once it loses LOS, the Tiger stops targeting (naturally), and the yellow lines from the Shermans pointing to the Tiger also disappear. But that doesn't stop the rounds from continuing to fly in. As you can see in the pic below, the buttoned Tiger does indeed have LOS to the enemy tanks, but I'm not able to target any of the Shermans.


If I hit 'Go' with the Tiger still buttoned, it will never acquire a Sherman again since it sees them as out of LOS. But if I unbutton the Tiger and hit 'Go', the Shermans come back into LOS, and the Tiger begins firing. Until, of course, it gets buttoned again. Then it loses LOS and ... rinse, recycle, repeat.

If you want to play with the saved file or the scenario, then you can get them here:


Also, in the scenario file, you'll notice the Tiger is 'obliqued' away from the Shermans. If I play the Allied side, the second turn that the Tiger is shooting at my tanks (if the Tiger never buttons in this time), then the AI will turn the Tiger's hull so it directly faces the target it's shooting at; even though an obliqued tank is safer from enemy rounds. The game seems to do this with every tank from Shermans to Panzer IV's, even after receiving a ricochet off the obliqued hull. I'd rather that they stayed obliqued if at all possible. smile.gif

Thanks. Sorry for the long post.

- Chris

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Guest Madmatt

Are you using 1.03? The reason I ask as I was the one that first noticed and tested this exact issue with units 'losing LOS' to previously engaged targets and my testing showed that the Tiger would re-enagage even when buttoned with 1.03. My test was VERY similar to yours although the range was around 1500 meters.



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Interesting article Chris. I too have noticed the tanks tend to override the players oblique angle and face some tanks head on, thus decreasing the chance(s) of a ricochet. Wonder why?

Also, Madmatt, could you download his files and see if they are 1.03 and if there is a problem. You are a beta tester right?


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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Are you using 1.03?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yep. Created and tested on 1.03.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I too have noticed the tanks tend to override the players oblique angle and face some tanks head on<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I remember a lot of discussion about obliquing a while back, but unfortunately don't recall what exactly was resolved.

Just to bring up another issue, it would be really cool to see the TacAI consciously choose to oblique when it encounters another tank that can kill it. I think that would be *very* cool to see. Of course, one potential problem with the TacAI auto-obliquing is your tanks could conceivably 'oblique' themselves into oblivion by inadvertently turning it's side armor directly at a second tank! smile.gif

- Chris

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