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  1. For those that dont know, one can use the PAUSEBREAK key to pause the game and issue orders then restart the action. Its the only way I enjoy it. I play at the hardest difficulty against the AI but use this pause feature to manage my units better.
  2. Im not crazy about the realtime aspect unless it has little micro management and more of a battlefield commander "sim" aspect to it. I dont know how that would be pulled off but...
  3. Hi guys! I'm still a die-hard CM fan from back in the day..haha. Anyway, I mean no disrespect when I mention COH. I know the money and resources they have to make that engine....if only it was CM3. Man. I know you all will pull of something great for your next engine. Try to add dual core support for larger maps and etc. Im sure this has been discussed to death. Man, that CoH engine tho..outstanding. Maybe someone will mod it.
  4. ...are beautiful. This game, although an RTS, would be simply outstanding as Combat Mission. Image this engine with CMs game design. Woo...sweet.
  5. Looking forward to the demo version as well. Thanks.
  6. Sorry that I've been absent from this forum so long but as one of the two man team that made the BER (Badco Engame Randomizer) I hereby authorize anyone to do whatever they want with it or post it for download or whatever. Sorry the badco site went TU. BradleyH (the other developer of BER) and I only had the site up for the BER and took it down after the DL of the BER stopped. If anyone has any questions, you can email me at teachdj@yahoo.com or ICQ 183078. TeAcH
  7. I think I still have this program (that BradleyH and I made). If anyone wants a free copy, email me at teachdh@yahoo.com
  8. Okay. Seanachai, your argument is sound but your logic is flawed. Besides, it looks like you just enjoy watching yourself type WAY too much. I mean, do you really talk like that to people outside of a forum? That was a cheap shot I know and I expect some retaliation but I wrote it because your replies Seanachai are so condesending and fruity they are just plain annoying to read...even if you have a good point to make here and there. Listen: I don't need nice new super-graphics to enjoy a game although I think they can add (not subtract) to immersion and the fun factor. Like I said, I bought
  9. Perhaps this is a little premature since Ive only played the demo a few times, but I do not think I will be buying this version after buying the first two (CMBO and CMBB) as soon as they were released. Although the change in setting is nice, for me the lack of a substantial engine upgrade leaves me with a little sense of getting something new. I know there will be some new units a few new tricks with the old engine but it still feels dated. I'm sorry to say that. I realize that a new engine is coming with the next release but to me, the new engine should have been released now. I'm not
  10. I'm fairly sure that this idea has been kicked around before but I would like to see a Combat Mission game with the same attention to detail but based at the squad level. Each soldier would be represented with individual attributes and battles taking place in close proximity. I know this game was derived from Squad Leader, but is there any desire amongst the troops here to see a version of CM at this level? TeAcH
  11. I went from a GF3 to a 9700 and I havent been happier. Not only does it smoke a GF4 to pieces in terms of frame rate and graphics but it is also optimized for DX9. My 9700 (non pro) is completely stable using Cat 3.6 and DX9b. Rock solid no problems. I also use XP pro on a MSI Delta K7N2 board. Im a happy camper. Bottom line, I am so very happy with ATI after being a GF user since day one. TeAcH [ August 03, 2003, 05:49 PM: Message edited by: TeAcH ]
  12. I play Operation Flashpoint, GTA3:Vice City, Panzer Elite, Medieval Total War (if anyone wants to play MTW in multiplayer call me on my icq 183078), America's Army and Battlefield 1942.
  13. Thanks for the answer Steve and thanks for bringing this game to us. It is still one of my all time favorites.
  14. I don't know if this was mentioned (didn't have time to wade through all of the 100+ posts) but is artillery affected by the type of ground it contacts? In other words, will arty do more damage to surrounding troops if it hits rocks or cement roads causing more flying debris as opposed to mud that would suck up and dampen some of the blast? TeAcH
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