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  1. Personally I don't use the shadows. They're very spikey and create a lot of movement when the camera pans, unfortunately. They also eat performance on larger scenarios (whether it's CPU- or Video-bound, I don't know). It's a big difference between the two settings, though, so you'll have to decide for yourself. I use 8xQ on my GF GTS-250, with 16x Aniso, Gamma correct AA, and Multisample transparency AA. The AA setting (whether 2x or 16x) doesn't seem to affect FPS, so the game doesn't seem bound by video memory bandwidth. But be careful about using any of the 'xS' AA settings; I seem
  2. If you have a GTX 260 there's not much point upgrading to a GTX 280; it's not a big enough jump. The GT 430 would be a downgrade from the 260, especially in the memory bandwidth department. Raw specs: GT 430: 16 pipes at 700MHz; 29GB/s memory BW; 96 shaders GTX 260: 28 pipes at 576MHz; 112GB/s memory BW; 192 shaders GTX 280: 32 pipes at 602MHz; 142GB/s memory BW; 240 shaders - Chris
  3. I posted a pic of where mods go; it may be easier for folks to understand than trying to explain it in text. Z-Folder location - Chris
  4. Erm. Let me rephrase that. In most 3D games the difference between the 285 and 430 will be fairly large, but in CMBN shouldn't be nearly as noticeable (CMBN seems much more CPU-oriented than other games). I'd still go for something better than a GT 430, though. I have a web page that lists basic specs on video cards that can be helpful, but as I said above you'll still need to be careful to check it is compatible with your system (particularly power supply). For example these two video cards require 400W and 450W power supplies, but the listing also gives the amperage required to be del
  5. Thanks. I found it. The lighter shade of plowed better hides the moire, but it's definitely still there, unfortunately. I don't think it's avoidable when you have closely spaced parallel lines. The GTX 285 will blow away the GT 430. But your older system's power supply probably can't handle the juice the 285 would require. NVidia has a list of general specifications for their various cards on their website, and the card's manufacturer may have a bit more info on what's required. - Chris
  6. Thanks! Glad you like it. I'm very happy to see how much difference this simple mod makes in the texture swimming. The textures BMPs in CMBN are surprisingly huge (some as large as 2048x2048). Once down-sized the textures certainly lost some detail up close. I had to dial back how far I took things initially; some quickly turned into a blurry blob. I think it's a decent balance. I had hoped the size reduction might help some with performance issues too, but apparently not. The large textures went from 98MB down to 17MB, though not all are loaded on a given map. The biggest problem
  7. I've created a Reduced Shimmer mod which reduces the size of the textures. I think it looks pretty good. It's in the Repository. Reduced Shimmer Terrain mod - Chris
  8. Mine is the same; a GTS 250 running older 197.13 drivers. Anti-alias has to be ON within the game to have any AA at all. So long as it is, selecting the various AA modes (2x through 16xQ) in the NVidia Control panel works well. I run 8xQ and the only time the game drops below 25fps is with lots of moving trees (this is without shadows, which makes a big difference). If you really want to get down into the nitty-gritty of AA selections on an NVidia card, try nHancer. It'll give you more options that you know what to do with. I've compared some screenshots enabling both Aniso and Trili
  9. Added Italian 75mm L/13 Mountain Howitzer (available to Italian Mountain troops only; Jul42-Jan43) to CMBB Tanks and Guns charts. - Chris
  10. Hmmm. It should work fine with the free Excel viewer; at least it does with the older 8.0 version of XLView. The "select all and choose a color" applies to the full version of Excel only, unfortunately. Maybe try to use a friend's computer that has Excel or MSWorks on it? - Chris
  11. Fixed typo in CMBB Guns chart for tungsten availability on Captured Panther (starts in Jan44, not Jan42). - Chris
  12. Wow. Very odd. In CMAK 1.03 when I select 'All Combined' and 'May43' and then go to the Units page, it comes up as the Brit 35mph Truck. I then select that truck, go back out to the Params, choose Jul43, and go back in and the choice is now the US 45mph Truck (note: don't select this Truck; just let the mouse hover). Sounds okay so far. Except when I go back again and re-choose the May43 Params and back into the Unit Editor, it still says the US 45mph Truck is available in May 43 when previously it was the Brit 35mph Truck! Something strange is going on with the game. BTW, actually
  13. Hadn't noticed them. Thanks. TANKS CHART Australian: M11/39 Carro Armato (Jan41) - added M13/40 Carro Armato (Jan41) - added Valentine III (Jul42) - added L3/33 (May41) - added Jeep - intro date changed (Jul42) Jeep MG - intro date changed (Jul42) MG34 HMG (Jul42) - added 37mm Bofors AT - intro date changed (Dec40) 6pdr AT - intro date changed (Jul42) 3in Mort FO (radio) - intro date changed (Jul42) 25pdr Arty FO (radio) - intro date changed (Jul42) 75mm Arty FO (Jan41) - added 100mm Arty FO (Jan41) - added 149mm M13 Arty FO (Jan41) - added Pillbox 6 pdr AT (Jul42) -
  14. Certainly! I try to keep up, but it ain't easy. Some more fixes. Apparently the 1.02 patch gave the Aussies a bit more than they're entitled to, but it looks like the new stuff will stay, so: TANKS CHART Australian: Bren AAMG - intro date changed (Dec40) Breda M30 LMG - added Breda M37 MMG - added 20mm Breda AA - added 47mm AT gun - added 75mm M37 Field Gun - added GUNS CHART Allied: 75/L34 M37 Field gun - added INFANTRY CHART Australian: Edit: Bren AAMG - intro date changed (Dec40-Nov42) Breda M30 LMG - added Breda M37 MMG - added SUPPORT CHART Allied: Bre
  15. A new patch means more updates! True, the 1.02 patch has been taken down to fix a PBEM bug, but supposedly nothing else will change with the unit data in the upcoming 1.03 patch, so here's what's changed in the new version of the game: GUNS CHART Axis guns 75/L18 Semovente gun - Hollow charge penetration changed 75/L34 M37 Field Gun - Hollow charge penetration added (for Semovente only) TANKS CHART German units Panzer IIIF (Mar41) - added Panzer IIIJ short (Sep41) - added Panzer IIIJ short late (Apr42) - added Panzer IIIJ (Dec41) - added JagdPanzer IV - upper hull side
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