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Hey BTS.. can we get these with CM2???

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I have it on good authority that neither the T-69-E3 or the "Short Bull" was available for lend lease to the Russians. In fact, the American Bureau for ugly tank design wouldn't release the tanks because they were considered to be too "attractive and visually pleasing".

The German Aureole and E-79 were both in development stage, and actually reached concept stage, however some blighter stole the concept models to use in miniature wargaming and the designs were canned. There is fallacy to the Rumour that Guderian himself took them home to play on the floor, all the while making "vroom, vroom" noises and generally annoying the neighbours!

The SU-122s and JS-152 never eventuated! Stalin took a dislike to the design team and had them shot out of spite! wink.gif


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No matter how big the gun Greg, I'd still be kicking your essentials from here to TCP/IP.


Nice pix BTW, someone please do the MODing...


After many weeks of exposure to Croda on the Thread, we had all developed Inner Crodas, the Peng Challenge Thread equivalent of crablice...


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Guest AussieJeff


The one request I would like most to see incorporated in CM2 is:


Then I could dish out some real discipline for the numerous cowards, shirkers and plain dumb ass grunts under MY command that refuse to obey said COMMANDS!!! heh heh smile.gif



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