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How do I do the smilie thing?

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Thank you pengy old bean, that was great!

To have been penged and lost is better than to have never been penged at all.

Did the peanut gallery have fun,too?

One point while we're making things easy to read, Crucifixition is a doddle, not a 'doodle'. A doodle is something you may have a little bit of a fixation with. Thank you for sparing the time to contemplate the size of mine....

and look, no smilies!!!!!

I never did like them anyway.

Best I go home and have a beer now to recover from the abuse, strange, I do feel somehow the better for it.

Shot to bits Stuka out

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HeHeHeHe, I am home now enjoying a beer and for all my American friends, I know you are all tucked up in your beds. I have this board all to myself!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh the power, the limitless power!!!!

Plus check out the member status, thats right boys I can now move freely through the ranks of the CM veterans, pro's and top guns, assuming the wisdom and status that comes with 'member' status.

I've been penged and survived, I've achieved member status and I've got crates of home brew at my disposal!

Another brewski and I'm gonna invade Poland!

Slurr'in Stuka out

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Guest Germanboy

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Stuka:

As for german boy and mark iv, you guys really know how to make a new guy feel welcome. I'm glad you're not my squad leaders, my first day in your platoons and you'd have me digging out land mines with my dick. (easily done of course!)


Zer vill be no more of zis insolentz!

Please note that all smilies on this iMac were deported to the Archipel GULAG



The powers of accurate perception are often called cynicism by those who do not possess them. (forgot who said it)

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