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Windows 2000 Problems (v1.05 and v1.1b22)

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Hello all:

My days of pilaging the battlefield have come to a halt. I had to upgrade (if you can call it that) to Win 2k from Win 98 due to the applications I use and the better use *cough* Win2k makes of memory. I have a Win98 partition, but I like to keep CMBO running while I work in my other apps that I switched to 2K for.

I am having NO other problems with other games I am playing. I have patched Win2K with all the updates from the MS website. I have the latest sound (SBLive), video (Creative GeForce DDR), etc. drivers from the web. I have updated to DX8 with no helping the problems either.

Anyway, I am having mucho problems with both versions. First, in v1.05, all white color is considered "transparent" or something like that. Everything that is white flashes or is a wierd color.

In v1.1b22, I get the following error when I try to play the game. It comes after the "loading 3D graphics" screen.

"ERROR: GGraphic.cpp line 711. Exiting program."

Anybody else run into this?



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I have same problem. White text goes blink blink.. And also sometimes some texts are black (like save game box is always, but can fix it just switching to desktop and back)

And also when quit scenario and start new one all text colours are screwed and it is practically impossible to make quick battle (without switching to desktop and back to get colours back)

But haven't got any errors and everything works happily.

And I am going to fix white text blinking with making UI mod for myself with little grey text and greenish background (using textures from those beatifull shermans as starting point... perhaps have to put batch file to change between UK/Canada/Polish smile.gif



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