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Voice taunting while playing CM.


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I'm not sure if any of you out there use voice programs while gaming on-line. I've used roger wilco in the past and finds it works pretty well.

The reason I bring this up is because even though CM doesn't have TCP/IP yet. A lot of people use ICQ to play or even email each other while both are on-line.

My old Clan had a channel registered on the Roger Wilco website and I figured I'd switch it to CM.

I don't have a static IP address so having them host the channel seemed like a good idea. If you are interested in using it, some instructions follow. (by the way I don't have the IP address and I'm barred from the site at work, If I get just the address I'll post it later)

1)goto the Roger wilco website.


2) at the top click on Our community

3) click on User groups

4) this will bring up a search box. Just type Combat Mission where it says name and hit find.

5) this will bring up the Combat Mission club. (game listed for us is rogue spear, my old clans game, just ignore that)

6) click on the little ! symbol in blue to connect to our own private channel.

Thats all there is too it. Now you can taunt and ridicule your enemy, and make it personal. wink.gif

I have ask Roger Wilco to add Combat mission to their games list.

and like I said If I can just get the IP address for that channel I'll post it here.

**BY the way**

If anyone else is using any voice software you think is better, please share.



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I also recommend RW. I used it while playing Panzer Elite in multiplayer mode and it has this nice WalkieTalkie sound which really fits perfectly with this sim.

However, one drawback of RW is that it only has a "oneway channel" ( you could only send or recieve amessage, but not both at the same time ).

IIRC, there was a message on this board a few weeks ago where someone mentioned a new and better communication program and also posted an URL. I think it was also for free, but i couldn't locate the message in the archives.

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A couple of other good free voice programs are TeamSound and Battlecom. (Battlecom was bought up by Microsoft recently, but you can still download the program.)

They're at:



I personally prefer TeamSound over Battlecom and RW, but all are pretty good. I believe both programs require a full duplex sound card.

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I'm using MSN Messenger, it's free and you can set up a contact list to see who's online. It also has Text Chat, Voice Chat (of course), File Transfer (PC to PC, no need to eMail the turn), and PC to Phone. I've recently upgraded to MS Game Voice which uses the same MSN Messenger contacts and it adds speech recognition for all the keyboard commands in a game.

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