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Unable to Install


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My machine freezes during install with the following error message:

"Error Number 0x80040707

Description: DLL function call crashed: ISRT._Component Transfer Data

Setup will now terminate"

The crash requires me to hit the reset switch. I tried it four times. Crashes occurred early in the install attempts (6-15% installed).

Nothing was running in the background except Explorer and Systray.

Machine Specs:

Windows ME, Athlon 1900+,512 MB PC150 Corsair RAM, MSI K7T Turbo2 motherboard, Geforce4 Ti4200 (latest WHQL Nvidia drivers), Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card (latest drivers)

I'll be working on the problem, and will post here when/if I find the answer.

Treeburst155 out.

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Problem solved. It's the old VIA 686b southbridge problem. DMA transfers from IDE 2 to IDE 1 often will not work, especially when music is playing. Simply disabling DMA for the CDROM in Device Manager solves the problem.

I was hoping the latest VIA 4in1 drivers would have fixed that little issue. Anyhoo, all is well. smile.gif

Treeburst155 out.

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Originally posted by Treeburst155:

Actually, if people buy new systems they will not be dealing with the 686B southbridge. Do the newer DDR boards still have the problem?

My point is actually that for every motherboard chipset released for AMD CPUs in the last 5 years there was something wrong like that. And if not in the chipset, then in the motherboard layout or BIOS integration or failing that in the drivers. For all OSes, since the externally written drivers for Unix derivates were sometimes provided with incomplete and wrong documentation so that their drivers wern't any more reliable.

In any case, simply unchecking DMA during install fixes it. After installing, DMA can be reactivated.

I don't want to sound paranoid, but in my opinion this is dangerous. There are broken DMA transfers and the install program did nothing else than triggering the bug by using the CDROM and the harddrive (probably connected to the two different channels of the controller) at the same time.

Obviously, if you have some activity on CDRO and harddrive sometime else, like a background program doing something and you doing something else in the foreground, then your data may be corrupted.

I would recommend that you get a PCI IDE controller with a decent controler chip. For example, if you buy some Maxtor harddisks, they include one for free.

Otherwise: good morning smile.gif

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