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Updating Hasrabit

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18 hours ago, Paper Tiger said:

This also allows me to add a second, frontal defensive line to the  map and have the first mech company dismount to attack that line while the second waits and then goes after the back line.

Oh wow, this just made me realize that we really don't see properly layered defenses in CM as much as we might should except maybe in CMCW. Sounds really cool!

The screenshots of the revised maps further up the thread look really good. How many scenarios are there in this campaign? Reading through the thread I am seeing a lot of scenario different names :D

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Posted (edited)

There were originally ten missions in Hasrabit. But I added a new opener which is staying so right now there are eleven.

However, I've got a possible two extra missions as well at Adan Airfield, one of which is already finished and tested but the second of which would require me to make up a whole new AI attack which can be a lot of work. I'm humming and hawing over including this short series because scripting AI attacks can be fun if you're in the right frame of mind so we'll see.

I'm also considering removing the Heavy Metal mission as it's a strange one and too similar to what I have already done in the earlier Hill 142 mission. It may require too much work to update. But again, we'll see.

There are so many AI meeting engagements in this campaign and they're the hardest to make challenging. It was not much work when the AI was simply move group 1 to A, then B, then C and just co-ordinating these groups but now there are up to sixteen of them with triggers as well. It gives much better results but is commensurable to the effort put in by the designer. (I haven't used that word in a long time)

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This is going to take a bit longer to finish than I'd hoped. While all the important map work is done, I got stuck on two phase 1 missions, Hill 142 and The Barrier, neither of which I could find a good story for. The old story is just nonsensical to me now and so I need to completely redo these two. It's likely that they will be player attack missions rather than meeting engagements

Some of Phase 2 is done already but I was having similar issues with Heavy Metal and Sadara as mentioned above. The old stories are just too nonsensical. (The new ones will be less nonsensical though) However, Heavy Metal is fixed story-wise all I need to do now is craft it.

When I finish Dinas, I expect I'll do my Scottish Corridor rework next before returning to Hasrabit. I need a change of eras.

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