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Espionage Cold War book titles wanted

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One of my greatest fascinations are books on the Cold War period, especially the period from 1945-1960. I have dozens of books on the Venona secrets, McCarthy, Russian infiltration of US government, KGB/GRU spies etc.

My question is, are there nowadays still books being published on these subjects? And if so, which ones? I try to follow new publications on Amazon, but it's hard to keep track and I can hardly find any, which probably has more to do with my searching methods, than with the fact that new books aren't written and published.

Any relatively new title would be highly appreciated.

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A Fixation on Moles - James J. Angleton, Anatoliy Golitsyn, and the "Monster Plot": Their Impact on CIA Personnel and Operations

Unnamed CIA writers. For free on the CIA website or cheap in kindle:


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