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I love CMx1

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I do this too from time to time. There are things I prefer in CMx1. Not enough to elevate those games over CMx2, but enough to get me to fire them up from time to time.

I like the concept of Operations (more than the execution) and have fun with those.

I prefer the way the Hunt command works.

I like the command delay mechanic

I like the full-war scope of CMBB

Little things like that. Keep on keepin' on :)

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46 minutes ago, landser said:

I like the command delay mechanic

+1  I never understood the hostility by some players re less-experienced units taking more time to execute complex maneuvers.  Yes, it sucked when simply trying to drive along a twisty road.  But, the exponential delays for each successive waypoint had many other positive simulation aspects.

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