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Would BF like to Publish My Wargames?

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I have all CMx1 and CMBN and CMSF2 but that's not why i'm posting, but there so good my games may not be as important

Right now they are free to download at free wargames   Would someone there at the big company be interested in any of my wargames, I am the sole dev and have used some non commercial art that would have to be replaced? 

I had spotted some posts on other games on here such as Steel panthers, so I'm hoping no one will object to my free downloads.



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It's "funny" to see someone redo their own hex games, it was my "killing time" in my time to reproduce such games with ADC2 (Aide de Camp 2), I did a lot of Napoleonic that I keep the logo in my atavar (like you can see), I remember that I had the excellent quality of Clash of Arms games, but very expensive.

I took the opportunity to travel to do some battles with others guys, in england and in france the battles weren't always won but a very fun time ... later i took almost all the books from a french publisher "Vae Victis" i must have all the books again somewhere in a big box!

I wish you good luck in publishing your interesting work by BF!


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1 hour ago, markyweeks said:

Thanks JM, I have ADC2 but never used it because I prograed my own virtual tabletop with LnL starter kit in it you can still download it in my collection here https://iamnumber4.itch.io/entertainment-collection-over-70-gamesprograms  but you probably are all set with ADC , thanks for the kind comment. Mark

Was my pleasure to explain...

I remember also that I buy some table top 6mm for war game but never painted completely I started but need really a magnifying glass to see what I want to paint (just for the little story).

Time for board game is for me gone now, but in this time I was really happy to use it.

Hope that Erwin will give you a good help with the link.


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