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I always loved CM and I'm doing my best to recreate the experience in paintball


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CM was always strong inspiration for me and scenario/tactical paintball my passion. So I decided to "connect" these two words. Recently I started to cooperate more with WWII reenactors, cause technicals or cold war vehicles won't do it for me. I started with building a Pak 36 wannabe that actually works (on compressed air) and can kill both vehicles and infantry.
Since then I made a working British 2" mortar replica and there are a few smaller projects on my table right now.

Here is a video from our latest game: 



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37 minutes ago, danfrodo said:

paintball w AFVs?!?!?  And now i know there is a benevolent creator of the universe. 

Next year we plan to organize 1941-1942 eastern front game with BA-64 (MG) confirmed, and either M3 Scout car (lend-lease) or Panzer 38(t) in game. That is together with our ATG and some mortar(s) on the Russian side.


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