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Dutch Battle Group Campaign

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Hello Everyone!

I have recently started the Back on Tracks campaign featuring the dutch battle group during the invasion of Syria. The first objective was a struggle for me, but I managed to make it through.

Here is the first video in my playlist: 


I would love input on what I could do to improve my gameplay and strategies, anything helps! If you played the campaign don't be afraid to share your own experiences. I would love to hear all the different plans employed by other players!

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Nice video!

I've started the campaign as well a few weeks ago, now in the 3rd mission but due to holiday and other things I haven't played it for a few weeks.

Didn't have time to watch the whole video, so it is a bit difficult to give you much advise. If you make a drawing / text of your plan, it would be easier for others to comment on that. 
One thing I noticed is that I usually don't use artillery to destroy bunkers (although a precision munition is fine for it), but in this mission I did shell the objectives with some 155 preparatory fires. I used the mortars for shelling of the trenches on the berms after I discovered them.

Also keep in mind that the recon Fennek has excellent optics. So while it is always prudent to dismount recon especially when there is an ATGM threat and in open terrain, they can spot very well mounted when there is some cover available. 

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Good stuff! I always like seeing more vids about CM on YouTube. Bonus points if the person playing actually knows what they're doing!

I haven't had a chance to watch much of the video yet so no comment on the tactics and such. I do tend to prefer cinematic videos when it comes to CM. Seeing 12 minutes of plotting orders followed by 2 minutes of the action never really did it for me, but I'm sure there are a lot of new players out there who will appreciate seeing the UI in action and some of the nuance it is capable of. Josey Wales and Hapless are both examples of CM videos I enjoy a lot. I would make more of them myself too but I just haven't had the time. Its certainly more labor intensive in editing than just recording and posting gameplay. 

Like I said I can't comment on the tactics and stuff yet, but I can do a follow up post at some point. 

P.S Your name causes my physical pain. Damn E4 mafia, I can't seem to escape them! I bet you recorded this gameplay while at a """dental""" appointment 🤣

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For Dutch some pointers:

  • Dutch primary firepower comes from the heavy artillery(Panzerhaubitze 2000 ). This is what you use to "simplify the geometry of the map" as I like to say. That HUUGE factory locking down the whole map? No problemo
  • The vehicles do not pack that much ammo. You cannot count on them doing the "map geometry simplifying". Only enough ammo for shooting mostly at identified targets. I contrast this to the Bradley or BMP-3/BMP2. With these you can fight MOUNT by demolition. Enough ammo to remove small towns.
  • All the vehicles have lots of machine gun ammo so always have the shooting something with "target light".
  • CV9035NL has very little ammo but expectional optics so mostly use the 35mm sparingly. Airburst is god against inf. CV90 can fight off modern T-72s one on one in defensive position. Always gets the first spot and shots. 35mm APFSDS-T seems to be enough even frontally with +20 hits.
  • Leopards are your main weapon system. HEAT is good for hard targets like buildings. They do not have airburst so ATGMs are a great thread when positioned well.
  • Fennek is awesome at spotting and light skirmishes or infantry support. It has thermals and 12.7mm with remote controlled turret. Also not too horrible to lose...
  • Gill ATGM is pretty bad. Hard to hit buildings or infantry with it. Set up somewhere far back in overwatch incase of any counterattacks on tracks. Remember these come with Fennek, often more useful than the ATGM...
  • Infantry. You do not have a lot of it so use it conservatively. Panzerfaust 3 is a RPG-7 on steroids. Manually target inportant buildings with it. Pretty much same effect as Leopard 120mm HEAT round would..
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