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wanted advice building a good sim comp with vr


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I think there are many laptops in that dollar range that have graphics cards. MSI comes to mind, but so many other outfits market within that price point and are well suited to run today's wargames. If I needed a new PC and I asked at random for a friend to buy me a 1500 dollar gaming machine I would not return it based on the brand name. The differences are really minor.

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I ended up snapping 2 weeks ago and spent 1700 on a  pre built gaming comp

i must say now i get why in dcs and il2 id get bounced unawares so much

it pisses  me off even in gaming classism exists

1k laptop?

**** you  - see 10km you can see!

1600 desktop?  I can see  **** at 20nm airborne (like tiny fckn mig21s!!)

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