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The Brummbars that never were...

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It seems the name Brummbar associated with the Sturmpanzer IV is an American/British invention:


The name “Brummbär” could not be found in any official German document.

An American interrogation report dating 14 June 1944 used the term “Grizzly Bear” even though the same report also states that “The assault howitzers were correctly referred to as “assault tanks” – STURMPANZER.”
Grizzly Bear was not a term used in Germany so one suspects someone came up with the nearest equivalent German term.
The term “Brummbaer”, “Grizzly Bear” and "Gw. IV (Brummbaer) für 15cm s.I.G.33" were used again in an American intelligence report dated September 1944 covering a Sturmpanzer found in Caen, France.
A British Technical Intelligence Summary dated 29 November 1944 and an undated British intelligence report (DTD Report 3066) were so far believed to be where the name Brummbär was introduced. The source of that name, i.e., who first came up with that name, is not known.
Yes, “Bison” is another foreign animal. The name was not used by the Germans.  For the 15cm s.I.G.33 mounted on the 38t the Germans did use the name GRILLE.

An original German Document produced by German intelligence people, describing Allied Tanks, allocated the name PILOT, if I remember correctly, to the US M6.  Why has the name PILOT not caught on? 


That'll be Hilary Doyle, co-author of this:


More at Missing Lynx, here:


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1 hour ago, DerKommissar said:

Were the sturmpanzer I and II called Bison I and II by the Germans?

It's covered a few posts down in the ML thread.....In a word, no.

1 hour ago, DerKommissar said:

Were the sturmpanzers considered tanks or self-propelled artillery, in German Doctrine?

Tricky.....TBH they were considered 'Sturmpanzers'; armoured assault guns, effectively an even more focussed version of the 'infantry tank' concept, intended to supress bunkers, machineguns etc. in the infantry support role.

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4 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

It's covered a few posts down in the ML thread.....In a word, no.

OH, right.

Sturmpanzer means "Assault Tank", right? The thing doesn't look like an assault tank -- did they just name it to prevent the Artillery branch from taking it?

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