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C15 Errata

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I tried to do my due diligence first and see if this has already been mentioned, but I didn’t note anything specific. I was playing a QB in SF2 yesterday, playing as Canadian Forces, and noticed that my sniper team’s C15 rifle (McMillan TAC-50) was shown using .338 Lapua ammo. As far as I know, the C15 fires the .50 cal BMG cartridge. The C14 Timberwolf, also in the Canadian game arsenal, can use .338 Lapua. The C15 was meant to have an additional anti-material capability that the BMG cartridge would definitely give to it. I haven’t been able to do any tests yet to see if it’s a case of using the right ammo, just named incorrectly, or if it was given the wrong ammo. Given how ballistics plays a major role in CM, I thought it worth mentioning. If this is the wrong place to bring up errata, then apologies in advance.

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39 minutes ago, DougPhresh said:

To any Canucks, Rob Furlongs rifle is in the Canadian War Museum in the new Afghanistan gallery. I highly recommend making a visit.  I was lucky enough to go before it opened with some other veterans and discovered the guy I was admiring the rifle with was Rob's spotter on his famous shot!

Nifty. I was there over the holidays but only manged to get through the Highlander exhibit and early Canada through WW2. That will have to wait for another day.

PS. the museum is closed until the 10th for yearly maintenance.

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