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Bug in Cain and Abel scenario?

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1 minute ago, SlowMotion said:

There are lots of buildings without door in West Yard area.  If there is no door how are soldiers supposed to get in and out of a building?

Is this a bug?
CMSF2 v2.0

no more like a designer item for whatever reason.  A bug is something that happens in software unexpectedly.  If you are referring to the buildings by Bridge Eric, it looks like someone went a little crazy on eliminating interior doors that were an intended part of the map layout.

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In my opinion a building without a door (even through the wall to next building) makes no sense.
It's like a bridge in the middle of a field that does not cross any obstacle like a river.
Why build a bridge there when a vehicle could drive forward just as well without the bridge?

So having buildings without doors, but that still have units inside is like having a tank without gun but still can fire rounds and destroy other tanks.
Maybe a scenario design bug or something. 

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again - just because somebody does something wrong doesn't make it a bug.  this sounds more like someone overzealous about removing interior doors.  The original has them and it had them when it was migrated.  I know because at one point I aligned doors on interior walls in that complex.  

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