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TOE question Stryker Bn Mortar platoon


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I noticed something strange while playing the 3rd scenario of the TF Thunder campaign (the one with the airfield).

For fire support you get two Strykers with 120mm mortars, but they also have a mounted 60mm mortar team each. Is this correct, it seems a bit strange to say the least.

When looking at the OOB in the editor the on-map variant of the mortar platoon looked odd as well, with mixed 120mm vehicles and 81mm teams.

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The mortar issue when using off map is a compromise for the ToE.  As Ian noted off map would likely only have the 120mm anyway but in addition it is hard to code the ToE to use both the vehicle mortar and the dismount mortar.

As you've probably noticed in some of the QB selection the ToE can be difficult to shoehorn into the options presented.

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