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Looking For Opponent of Intermediate Skill Level

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The Opponent Finder forum is a ghost town so I'm posting this here.

I'm a long time player of CM but I don't play that regularly. Looking for an opponent of intermediate skill level for PBEM play in a MG scenario. 

I prefer small to medium sized battles that are a good mix of infantry and tanks which also allow some cover. It would also be nice to find an opponent that offers some small conversation over email instead of just sending back the file.

PM me if interested.


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Hello Dead,

I could play Small CMBN QB Meeting Engagements in the MG time frame that are up to reinforced Company size Mixed Units (rather then actual MG Scenaios) along with 'House Rules' to make CM a little more realistic & interesting...I use Dropbox that will contain the Game Files & Text Document for Communication.

Let me know if this interests you...


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Sorry to bother, but is there a master list somewhere of what people mean when they say "House Rules?" I sometimes read a bunch of forums (Battlefront's, A Few Good Men, The Blitz, Grogheads, etc.), and have seen several different lists. Two people could agree to whatever rules they wanted, obviously, but I'm not sure which rule set is most commonly accepted/expected.

(After 4 years and $400 worth of CM titles, I may be about to take on my first human opponent. Very exciting... and scary.)

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So, sttp, will I be your first Human Opponent, or do you already have someone else in mind ?...I'm ready to PBEM if interested, and prefer QB's that are up to Reinforced Company size Meeting Engagements (or Small). If anything, at least, keep me in mind for the future.

Anyways, there is no real list of 'House Rules' on the Forums per-say, but an almost Mandatory 'House Rule' that many players use is that there is "No Arty on first turn of a 'Meeting Engagement' -OR- "Arty on first turn into Setup Zone of Attacker" (First turn Arty called into Defender is Ok and standard practice).

Below is a set of 'House Rules' that I use:

1* No Pre-Planned Arty on Turn 1 of a Meeting Engagement, or Turn 1 from Defender. Attacker in Attack/Defense Games are exempt and can call in Arty on Turn 1. 

2* Players will let the Computer AI choose what Targets to shoot at (player can't choose Targets, but can still use Small Arms & HE' Area-Fire'). Player can still use Smoke at anytime and any Location on the Map.

3* Units can check LOF (line of Sight/Fire, and thus conduct Small Arms & HE Area-Fire) at two locations per turn...Once before Movement (exact location of Unit at beginning of turn), and at the first Waypoint (doesn't matter how short or long the Waypoint is)...However, if you check LOF at that Waypoint, then you must keep that Waypoint w/o any alteration (can't delete or change it until next turn).

4* Players Can't click on Enemy Icons or Units during a Game.

5* Direct Small Arms & HE Area-Fire ( can't be more then roughly 2x Action-Spots in any direction from Enemy Icons or Units (Active or Inactive Icons).

6* Vehicle Smoke Dischargers (not Smoke Shells) is controlled by the Computer AI, and not by the Player.

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