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Syrian Woodland Camouflage


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I installed SF2 the other day and transfered some of my SF1 mods right over. Obviously only a handfull of them worked. So I have two questions.

Question 1: How do I make some of my (not mine) beloved syrian woodland camo mods to work. Im guessing they changed the name of the uniform/gear/etc bmps from syrian-infantry-uniform 1.bmp to something else.

Question 2: Will the old texture replacements work with the new game or have they changed the models to an extent where the old textures only will look warped on the new models.

I'll drop off some of the mods I'm reffering to so some nice soul out there might understand my problem.


https://ufile.io/xbve7 (All textures, 38mb)

https://ufile.io/pl344 (Single texture, 3mb)

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1 hour ago, mjkerner said:

Someone will be along with more definitive information, I’m sure.

After a cursory inspection vehicles seem to be working. I tested Mikey's Shilka mod, and Marco's drab BMPs. I didn't notice any problems.



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