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Grenade allocation Bug?


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Single Battle Scenario: NATO: All Flights are delayed SF2

During the setup phase, I split away the anti-tank teams from the 1st and 2nd squad (2 men per team), prior, to the split up, the 1st and 2nd squads, originally, had 14 hand grenades, each (28), after the split, the parent squads were now left with 1 hand grenade, each, leaving the, newly, formed, anti-tank team's with 26 hand grenades,13 for each 2 man team.

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In the game the AT team has always taken most of the grenades when split from the squad first in all the CM2 titles.  This is why, especially for three team WW2 squads, we split off an assault team (A team) first so they take most of the grenades to use in any close assaulting. Then split off an AT team.  If the AT team is split off first they take most of the grenades.  I'm not defending the behavior I'm just saying it has always worked this way in CM2 titles. 

In your CMSF2 scenario you probably only have two teams per squad.  If you split an A team off first the A team will take most (maybe all the grenades).  The B team will then be the AT team.  However it will be a three man AT team.............  I know, probably not what you were looking for............      

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17 hours ago, Ch53dVet said:

It's, really, no big deal, for me. I just noticed it and thought it was out of the norm, hell... when a full team has a decent supply of grenades they hang on to them like they were "Faberge" eggs and never throw them (that much) during a close quarters fight.

You need to be in grenade range to throw grenades, within three action spots.


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