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New TV show about restoring weapons

John Kettler

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Just happened to see "Brothers in Arm" listed on a content aggregator, and when I investigated, found several entries. This History Channel show is about a group of highly experienced veterans in military and law enforcement in Ogden, Utah. Their stock in trade, at their lavishly equipped facility, is firearms restoration, but they delight in building all manner of antique and strange firearms, whose duration, sadly, is only for an episode, so they can fire them to see how they worked, or didn't. This is a super informal firm full of skilled, passionate men. Cross weapon pros with big kids who love explosions and you'll have some idea of what to expect. Was going to post the trailer, but some dunderhead left in home surveillance system footage of a brutal M on F attack which aired before the segment, so scrapped that idea. Their knowledge of AFV nomenclature was poor, but their rebuilding skills impressive, especially for a first time effort. When you see the AFV, take careful note of what's not inside the fighting compartment. Call it educational.


John Kettler

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1 hour ago, John Kettler said:

...in Ogden, Utah.

This explains the high casualty rate amongst Utah kids.  I had to live up there for a while and it seemed like kids were shooting each other, getting run over by boats or ATV's, or farm equipment all the time.  Darwinism in action I guess...

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