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CMFI Demo - PBEM - Sides reversed after turn 1


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I am trying to get a friend of mine into the Combat Mission series, and though I'd get them to try a demo of one of the games. They picked Fortress Italy and we started a PBEM game so I could coach them. We chose to start with the first scenario: Fight at Vallebruca

File 1: I created the game and set my password as the allies

File 2: My opponent set a password

File 3: I made a setup and gave my first orders

File 4: My opponent had made their setup and given their first orders.

After I loaded file 4, entered the password for the Allied side, reviewed the 60 seconds of action, the game then loaded me up as the Axis player, with all Axis forces in view and with me able to give them commands. I've played CMSF and CMFB in PBEM before and never seen anything like this. Could it be an issue with the demo? Or something else entirely?

Has anyone had success playing the other demos via PBEM?

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20 hours ago, Ivan Zaitzev said:

Wham from the Adventure Games Studio forums? Welcome!

The very same! I've been around here for a long time, but rarely have anything interesting to post.


As for the fix: I also discovered that the bug does not repeat if the FIRST player takes the role of the germans, so we have been able to work around the issue.

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