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Floating icons and "pointers" effect on FPS and camera

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To me it seems like the more floating icons (spotted) that are shown on-screen at the same time the lower FPS you will get as well as moving the camera (AWSD) will be more sluggish. This is most evident in the editor when placing units in 3d mode and you have a lot of trenches, mines and barbed wire (each section has its own icon). It makes sense as each icon then tracks  movement of all units no matter if the unit is visible on-screen or not and their position in the 3d world. Icons can be toggled off which is nice, but I find it very hard to play without them, especially on large maps. But it made me thinking of the little "pointers" at the top of the screen. I personally have never found any use for them, but they track units movement as well, like the floating icons. I wonder if they also contribute to lower FPS and more sluggish camera movement like the floating icons and take up precious CPU power? In that case it would be nice if they could also be toggled off. BFC, would that be a hard thing to implement. FPS and low sluggishness is a valuable commodity in large/huge scenarios.

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