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Hey guys,


I just reinstalled Combat Mission: Normandy after I hadn't played in a long time. Just wondering what key I press to see my unit's field of vision. I've looked through the manual and couldn't find it. I thought there was a way to see everything your unit can see, where everything visible is in green and everything that isn't is in red. If anybody knows and can help me out I'd appreciate it.



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5 minutes ago, Bulletpoint said:

There isn't such an option in this game. I think maybe you are thinking of Graviteam Tactics.

But what you can do is to do a target order and then move the target line around to get an idea about where your unit can fire.

I think you're right because I was playing Graviteam not too long ago. I could have sworn there was a way to see their target area in CM but I must be mistaken. I appreciate the reply!

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