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Found 11 results

  1. I tried searching the forum but couldn't find anything (maybe I don't know best keywords). I know several people make YouTube videos of gameplay and have read some discussion of certain mods or modes for better quality video. If I'm going to screen record gameplay (replay) what is the best settings or mods or way to do that? I know there is a ctrl-M for some kind of movie mode, but I have no concept of what it actually does or how it helps. Just seems to make everything greyer Any recommended mods for more cinematic effect? I have my settings at "Best" but still see clipping in the ground tiles (ie road in foreground is nice with painted lines, but not too far away it's just flat grey. I have NVIDIA if there are any recommendations on settings in the control panel. Thanks all
  2. Hi all, This may apply to all 4.0 games but I've noticed it today with Cold War - playing in 'Iron' mode, some of the contact report icons are flashing and some are not. I think this may be something to do with the reports being old/inaccurate but I can't find any info to confirm that. Any one have any ideas? The manual doesn't mention flashing. I've been playing the CM series for many years and have almost all the titles, it would be embarrassing if this was always a feature and I only just noticed it Thanks in advance.
  3. Why is there not a unlimited or custom points amount in quick battles? For a game like this such an option seems like basic requirement, but it doesn't exist. Me and a friend is making/playing a h2h campaign with CMFB and we use QB to play out the battles. But at times the battle sizes can exceed the QB points. The largest battle we had on our last campaign was with allies having a full tank battalion, full airborne battalion, 11 aircraft and lots of artillery. Axis side (me) had a full heavy panzer battalion, pzgren battalion, volksgren battalion, 3 seperate infantry companies, 1 stug company, 1 marder company and lots of artillery. This resulted in my points exceeding 22000 which is what you get with 150% addition for attacker side. This ment we had to set all this up in scenario editor which is a much longer process and some TO&Es are even different there making it harder to have consistent units. Size of battle seems to be non-issue as we played 3 hours in real time and finished the game with allied surrender.
  4. Once i've countered a issue, oh, not once, may be several times, i called my green to shoot the Javelin and everything seems to be fine, but when it come to the top of the target, the missile just suddenly turns to another direction like 90°, and hit the dirt. I test in the court and found that they work well when quiped by the green and the script and even they are pinned down, any ideas?
  5. I wonder if there any details about the Occupy trigger? is there anything else beside make your men inside? I heared about that there is a additional rules about determing whether your troops have enough firepower or manpower to occupy the area something. Thanks for answering!
  6. I have installed the demo for Shock Force 2 and Black Sea. Do I need to keep or uninstall them if I get the full version?
  7. Just a little question about German antitank company. I'm not a specialist, so I don't really know if that's how things should be, but in Quick Battle when I play as German Army and I purchase "Antitank Company [medium]" the 1st platoon always appears as SS while the other 2 are regular ones. It seems a little weird, is it supposed to be this way? I'm using all the modules.
  8. Hey guys, I just reinstalled Combat Mission: Normandy after I hadn't played in a long time. Just wondering what key I press to see my unit's field of vision. I've looked through the manual and couldn't find it. I thought there was a way to see everything your unit can see, where everything visible is in green and everything that isn't is in red. If anybody knows and can help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. Hello folks, I'm a lifelong strategy gamer who is new to the Combat Mission games, and am elated to finally be able to join you all now that I have a computer powerful enough to run it! Hopefully I'll be hopping into PBEM battles after I've cut my teeth a bit against the AI. I'll be sure to make my way over to The Few Good Men forums when I'm ready. I come to you today with a seemingly simple set of queries which I have found near impossible to answer. Though I am a WWII history nut, my focus was always on the politics and grand strategy of the war, never the nitty gritty tactical battles which the Combat Mission series so masterfully recreates. When I started playing a month ago, I could have talked all day about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact but couldn't have told you the difference between a Panther and a Panzer III. I've had a lot of fun learning these things myself, even though I've found the manual to be woefully inadequate when it comes to describing the materiel present in this game. Finally, now that I am on the fourth mission of Kamfgruppe Engel, this paucity of information has become too much. (Kamfgruppe Engel Mission 4 Spoilers) In this mission, I have been tasked with interdicting Allied armor simultaneously with repulsing an infantry assault; to aid me in my tasks, I have been provided a host of on- and off-map artillery, of greatly varying caliber. I am at an absolute loss of which of this artillery would be better directed towards the armor and which I should use to repulse the infantry. I know my 81mm mortars are useless against armor, but what about the field guns? Is the 105mm shell from the Wespe adequate to penetrate armor? What about the daunting 120mm shells from my off-map mortar, even though they're HE? While I am aware of the dichotomy between HE and AP & HEAT, surely the Hummel, with its 150mm (!!!) HE rounds, will be more than sufficient to penetrate most Allied armor? Normally. I'm more than happy to learn by trial and error, but here I can't even begin to formulate a plan until I understand the capabilities of my artillery assets. (End Spoilers) Question: Is there a resource where a neophyte such as myself can begin to learn about the materiel in the Combat Mission games and their relative strengths and weaknesses against one another? Free and online would be preferable, but print is fine, too. If it was geared towards the Combat Mission games it would be fantastic, but a solid primer on common WWII equipment should work just as well, or, failing that even something like a wiki for some other WWII strategy game. I ain't picky. I have already read Bil Hardenberger's excellent Battle Drill blog, and watched the excellent six part Wargaming tutorial on YouTube. What I am looking for is not a primer on tactics, but a primer on the equipment itself. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, and if any of you would be interested in starting an assuredly one-sided PBEM game at some point in the near future, feel free to PM me—I think you'll find that I live up to my name
  10. See title. I never did notice one way or the other, but anyone who is familiar with the game engine might know.
  11. Hello Combat Mission community, Lately, I have been craving a hardcore, strategy game that gives the player more command over their troops(unlike civ 5). I picked up the mobile game and the demo, and have had some great fun with them. I have decided to pick up one of the combat mission games,as they are expensive,I will get only one(for now). Just in case it isn't the game for me. Logically, you would want to get the newest one, which would be Black Sea. This would because it would have a bigger player base, and hopefully the newest game mechanics. However, before I do so, I wanted to ask the community if getting Fortress Italy would bring me more enjoyment. One thing I really liked about the mobile game, and WW2 games in general, is that tanks could take a beating. Sometimes your tank would bounce a shell and be able to swivel around and fire a shot off, positioning played a huge role, and I felt placement was the key to wining battles. The advanced tanks in Black Sea, seemed as if, who ever spots the enemy first usually wins, maybe I have not played enough. But, in the 2-3 hours I played on the demo, thats what I saw. Another concern I have about Black Sea, is that Im not sure how infantry focused it is. I like having some tank/IFV/troop transports, but, I really love having to sneak your men into a flanking position to minimize causalities. I would like your opinion on the best CM game, and if you think I would enjoy an older WW2 game versus Black Sea. If so, how many people still play online in the older games, such as Fortress Italy.
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