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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, This may apply to all 4.0 games but I've noticed it today with Cold War - playing in 'Iron' mode, some of the contact report icons are flashing and some are not. I think this may be something to do with the reports being old/inaccurate but I can't find any info to confirm that. Any one have any ideas? The manual doesn't mention flashing. I've been playing the CM series for many years and have almost all the titles, it would be embarrassing if this was always a feature and I only just noticed it 🥵 Thanks in advance.
  2. Why is there not a unlimited or custom points amount in quick battles? For a game like this such an option seems like basic requirement, but it doesn't exist. Me and a friend is making/playing a h2h campaign with CMFB and we use QB to play out the battles. But at times the battle sizes can exceed the QB points. The largest battle we had on our last campaign was with allies having a full tank battalion, full airborne battalion, 11 aircraft and lots of artillery. Axis side (me) had a full heavy panzer battalion, pzgren battalion, volksgren battalion, 3 seperate infantry companies, 1 stug company, 1 marder company and lots of artillery. This resulted in my points exceeding 22000 which is what you get with 150% addition for attacker side. This ment we had to set all this up in scenario editor which is a much longer process and some TO&Es are even different there making it harder to have consistent units. Size of battle seems to be non-issue as we played 3 hours in real time and finished the game with allied surrender.
  3. Once i've countered a issue, oh, not once, may be several times, i called my green to shoot the Javelin and everything seems to be fine, but when it come to the top of the target, the missile just suddenly turns to another direction like 90°, and hit the dirt. I test in the court and found that they work well when quiped by the green and the script and even they are pinned down, any ideas?
  4. I wonder if there any details about the Occupy trigger? is there anything else beside make your men inside? I heared about that there is a additional rules about determing whether your troops have enough firepower or manpower to occupy the area something. Thanks for answering!
  5. I have installed the demo for Shock Force 2 and Black Sea. Do I need to keep or uninstall them if I get the full version?
  6. Just a little question about German antitank company. I'm not a specialist, so I don't really know if that's how things should be, but in Quick Battle when I play as German Army and I purchase "Antitank Company [medium]" the 1st platoon always appears as SS while the other 2 are regular ones. It seems a little weird, is it supposed to be this way? I'm using all the modules.
  7. Hey guys, I just reinstalled Combat Mission: Normandy after I hadn't played in a long time. Just wondering what key I press to see my unit's field of vision. I've looked through the manual and couldn't find it. I thought there was a way to see everything your unit can see, where everything visible is in green and everything that isn't is in red. If anybody knows and can help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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