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Found 8 results

  1. I have installed the demo for Shock Force 2 and Black Sea. Do I need to keep or uninstall them if I get the full version?
  2. Why is there not a unlimited or custom points amount in quick battles? For a game like this such an option seems like basic requirement, but it doesn't exist. Me and a friend is making/playing a h2h campaign with CMFB and we use QB to play out the battles. But at times the battle sizes can exceed the QB points. The largest battle we had on our last campaign was with allies having a full tank battalion, full airborne battalion, 11 aircraft and lots of artillery. Axis side (me) had a full heavy panzer battalion, pzgren battalion, volksgren battalion, 3 seperate infantry companies, 1 stug co
  3. Just a little question about German antitank company. I'm not a specialist, so I don't really know if that's how things should be, but in Quick Battle when I play as German Army and I purchase "Antitank Company [medium]" the 1st platoon always appears as SS while the other 2 are regular ones. It seems a little weird, is it supposed to be this way? I'm using all the modules.
  4. Hey guys, I just reinstalled Combat Mission: Normandy after I hadn't played in a long time. Just wondering what key I press to see my unit's field of vision. I've looked through the manual and couldn't find it. I thought there was a way to see everything your unit can see, where everything visible is in green and everything that isn't is in red. If anybody knows and can help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. Hello folks, I'm a lifelong strategy gamer who is new to the Combat Mission games, and am elated to finally be able to join you all now that I have a computer powerful enough to run it! Hopefully I'll be hopping into PBEM battles after I've cut my teeth a bit against the AI. I'll be sure to make my way over to The Few Good Men forums when I'm ready. I come to you today with a seemingly simple set of queries which I have found near impossible to answer. Though I am a WWII history nut, my focus was always on the politics and grand strategy of the war, never the nitty gritty tact
  6. See title. I never did notice one way or the other, but anyone who is familiar with the game engine might know.
  7. Hello Combat Mission community, Lately, I have been craving a hardcore, strategy game that gives the player more command over their troops(unlike civ 5). I picked up the mobile game and the demo, and have had some great fun with them. I have decided to pick up one of the combat mission games,as they are expensive,I will get only one(for now). Just in case it isn't the game for me. Logically, you would want to get the newest one, which would be Black Sea. This would because it would have a bigger player base, and hopefully the newest game mechanics. However, before I do so, I wanted to ask
  8. Ok, pulled trigger on 3.0 to update Normandy for 10 bones, well and good. Start download expecting something, I don't know under gig maybe, i mean no matter how large this one I never expected it to be 9.9GB, yet when the download started that's what I'm seeing, is this right? My entire current Normandy directory is only 15GB?!
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