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Where's the Wirblewind hiding?

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Hi all.

After an extended hiatus I'm trying to get around to my CM games again.  I was trying to create a quick scenario that includes a Wirblewind or 2 but I can't find where they're hiding.  I know they're in there somewhere bc they're in at least 1 scenario I played. Thanks in advance for any help!  I also think they're in Red Thunder so if anyone knows that one I'd appreciate it.   Happy Holidays!  Robert

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You want to create a Quick Battle to play, or design a scenario real quick? Makes a difference on where you will find one.

I'll just assume you mean Quick Battle. Make sure you pick Holland as the country, German Army or Waffen SS, then Mixed or Armor Only for the force selection. You can grab one from the single vehicle list under Armor on the Axis purchase screen.



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