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Hello BF Forum,

just wondering if this is a minor flaw or fully intended:

In CMBN on the purchasing list/screen for German mechanized troops, if you pick the "Panzer Div. Escort Company", in game version (engine) 4

they no longer have their Opel Blitz supply trucks.  :(

In all earlier versions they had trucks with extra ammo, panzerfausts, even special trucks with mortar ammo for the mortar teams and those for the anti tank guns with extra AT ammo.

In CMFI, CMFB and CMRT the mechanized Panzer Div. Escort Company still has the trucks.

So the question is: Has this been cut down/reduced only for CMBN or is it just a small error that happened with the update 4.0 ?

(Or did the French Resistance steal them...? ^_^ )


Thank you in advance for looking into this matter.

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