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WIn Command Modern Air\Naval Operations


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I popped over to your FB wargame page for a peek, and I liked what I saw. The Red Baron X-Wing was inspired genius/madness, and I was very impressed with the ditched Avenger diorama. Excellent water work over and above the plane and crew. Clearly not Bush Senior's bird! I scoped out the legionary all set to hurl his pilum, too. Don't know much about CMANO, though I've read it's HARPOON's competition. Since I can't play the CM games I have, I see no point in depriving someone else of the chance to win it. It sure looks impressive based on the very hasty research I did. Unfortunately, it would take something like ten of my current brain to deal with that level of complexity. Also, as it happens, Brother Ed is part of HARPOON. One cool thing that he did was to pen the source book for the Falklands/Malvinas War called South Atlantic War, a book so impressive in its research the Naval War College bought 100 copies for use as a textbook!


John Kettler


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